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Friday, November 27, 2015

Preparing For Winter

                                                       Sunday 10/18/15

We finally found some time to get some exercise, so here we are on a walk. We went down our alley and saw this. Do you know what it is? At first I didn't, but then we realized it was the support of a dock. This is the first time I have seen one of these. Just rolled into the lake, take the wheels off and put on the planks of the dock.

We continued on our walk.
We found a trail behind our house that went deep into the woods. We came upon a small lake. I got my phone out and google mapped the lake, and found the lake is Mud Lake.
Then we came across Dyer Creek that empties into Porter Creek which empties into Lake Charlevoix.

The trail passed by a house, and as we walked by it, the owners of the house drove into the drive. We told them we were walking a trail behind our house, and asked where we would end up if we continue in the direction we were going. The couple was a very nice older couple who owned 80 acres. Some of the trail we walked, was on their property. We told them where we lived and they told us to feel free to walk it when ever we wanted. While visiting, the man told me, he had a cougar just outside his window last fall. That made the cougar just a mile southeast of our home. After walking for 45 minutes, my feet started to fall asleep. I told Joe I had to stop, so we found a place to sit down. After a 5 minute break, I was able to get back home which was just about a block and a half away. It was a gorgeous day for a walk.

Our Birch trees were turning orange at this point.The large Maple was turning orange at the top.

On October 20, our dock and shore station removers arrived. One of the guys drove the boat to the marina, which is a mile away, while Joe drove the trailer to the marina. Because Joe had never backed this trailer up before or any other for many, many years, he was out of practice. To top things off, the boat ramp had steep cement walls, making it more difficult for Joe. While Joe and the other guy were gone, I watched the main guy carry out all the dock sections all by his self. It amazed me. Last year, I watch 2 guys mussel them out together. This guy put the dock on his back, and had the post over his shoulders, as one would carry a person on their back and the arms around his neck, hanging onto the posts like arms. He carried those docks up the boulders rock walls. Normally he would have help from the other guy, but Joe was having trouble getting the trailer into the water, so he took out the dock on his on. Wow, he is strong, but didn't look like it.
Once Joe got back, the two guys pulled the shore station out with a four wheeler.

The dock and shore station  are on the banks, another winter job off the check list! So glad, they were finally removed, cold weather was predicted for the next few days. The next day the boat went to the shop to be winterized and then tucked away in our shed.

On a day trip to Petoskey, I got this picture of Walloon Lake.
Still some color on our drive NE.

At this point Mallery has been having subcutaneous fluid treatments daily as her veterinary requested. Then we started back to every other day. Unfortunately after a few days, we could see her going down hill so we went back to daily to maintain her good appetite.

Our fall has been exceptionally nice, compared to past falls, we have been told.
Still much color in our side neighbors yards.

On this evening, the sun lite up the north side of Lake Charlevoix.

We have never seen it look like this at sunset. It was just spectacular.

We spent our time in October, preparing for winter, doctor appointments, going for walks, and trying to pick out finishes for the renovation of our kitchen, which will begin this winter. Here is a picture of our kitchen now. When we get back next Spring, it will look different.

To go with the yellow cabinets or one of the white chip colors. To go with the almond or blue color for the walls. Decisions, decisions. This is suppose to be fun, but because we have been so busy, it has been stressful instead.

Just a pretty salad Joe made for us for lunch.

Another walk from our house down 2 blocks and up a big, big, big hill, and here we are out in the country.

There's the big hill. This is a picture after we have walked back half way down the hill.

I guess the peak color peaks in different areas. We though it was all over the week before.

Joe continues the close-down duties for winter, draining the hose and unhooking the water pump house in his waders.

Oh to be back to household chores!