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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2003 40 FT. Newmar Dutch Star For Sale

                                              Monday 1/26/2015

We bought a home and need to sell our motor home since we will not be full-timing anymore. We have owned this motor home for 3 years and hate to give her up, but with our new home she would not be used very much.
We are currently located at the Gulf Shores State Park until April 1st, when we will head north to our new home in Michigan. If we don't sell it here, before we leave; we will sell it in Michigan. This motor home has an automatic awning that will retract if winds get too strong.
She is a 2003 40 ft 3 slide motor home. She has 69,000  miles.
Two slides in the living area and one in the bedroom.
She has a 350 hp -ISC Cummings diesel engine. The coach model number is 4006. She is built on a spartan chassis. She is rated for 10,000lbs towing capacity.
She has full body paint. This unit has an automatic electrical cord rewind motor, and an electrical surge protector that we added on.
One of the basement compartments has a full length slide out drawer that opens from both sides.
The passenger seat has a foot rest that Diane enjoyed on all our road trips.
Both seats are 6 way power adjustable.  This coach has air suspension and air brakes. It drives very smoothly.
Full gauges, all work fine.
3 new TV's , CD player, Satelite dome (2 1/2 years old) on roof for cable TV.
Back up camera with audio.
6 speed Allison Transmission and leveling jacks. Also has exhaust brake.
This coach has two air conditioners and heat pumps that give great electric heat. It also has a propane powered furnace when electricity isn't available. The storage area below in the basement is insulated and can be heated as well.
There are lights above the driver and passenger seats. Thanks Joe for writing this part of the blog. I, (Diane) am going to finish it by showing you around on the inside.
The cabinetry is maple and this unit was the show model at a RV show for the 2003 Newmar Dutch Star. The previous owners bought this unit at the RV show. We are the second owners.

This unit has a side by side refrigerator/freezer and a 4 chair table set up. Two of the upholstered chairs fold up and fit in the bedroom closet.

We added a flat screen TV on the bar so I could watch TV while doing the dishes. It has an ice maker on the side of the bar.
Behind the TV is a accordion door to a cubby hole for spirits or snacks. You can see the black door in the under cabinet of the ice maker.
Under the TV is a pantry for your can goods and other food supply.
Above the TV, it use to be a huge cabinet that was deep and high with no shelves. We had the cabinet sectioned off and a shelve added.
On the side of the cabinet we had a side door added with two slide out drawers, making access to the back of the cabinet much more useable.
We also had a flat screen TV put in, replacing the bulky old smaller TV above the driver and passenger seat.
The unit has all leather Flexsteel seating.
We also had two new cabinets and counter tops (see right side of picture) added to the one original existing cabinet on the left side of picture.
The first new cabinet holds two laptops computers with slide out drawers.
The existing cabinet has a file cabinet as well as a junk drawer. The new cabinet has a sliding drawer for a printer.
All counter tops are corian. There is a pocket door that closes off from the kitchen to the shower room and bedroom.

Just before the pocket door into the shower room, you have a half bath to the right.
The toilet is porcelain and there is cabinets above the toilet giving you more bathroom storage.

When you open the pocket door, you see the shower to the right.

There is another pocket door between the shower room and the bedroom.
Directly across from the shower is the second sink.

Beyond the second pocket door is the bedroom with a queen size bed.

We also replaced the old outdated TV in the bedroom, for a new flat screen TV.
The washer dryer combo was replaced 2 1/2 years ago.There is still a 4 year warranty on it.
The old TV's back end use to fill half of the space behind it. Once it was gone it opened more storage, so we had the new flat screen TV mounted on a custom door that opened up to access the new storage space behind it. A shelf was also added for more useable space.
The bedroom has lots of drawer space for your non hanging cloths. I put my makeup mirror on the shelf above the cabinets and sit on the laundry basket to put my makeup on. With the window's natural lighting, it makes for a great spot for us women applying makeup.
There are two windows on the sides of the bed, more cabinets over the bed, and overhead lights for reading.
Another view of the 2nd sink in the shower room. The 2nd sink makes it great for a his and her sinks. Guess who got this sink?
The shower has a nice frosted etched glass door on it.
The shower is a really nice size with plenty of room to move around in. Our previous motor home shower was much smaller making shower time not much fun. This shower is like being at home. It has a nice seat to shave your legs on and a good handle bar to hang on to if you need something for getting into the shower.  
The shower has two places to put shampoo's and conditioner on the shower walls.

The Newmar Service Center is located in Nappannee, IN which is in northern IN, just south of Elkhart, IN. We had some work done this year, and was very pleased with the service. The Newmar Company still buildS Newmars buses today, but only on a custom build to order, per customer order. You can stay free as long as you want at the service center, even if you are not having work done. 
If you are interested in making an appointment to see this coach, please go to the Craigslist website and click on the reply button to our email contact or get our phone number there, at http://mobile.craigslist.org/rvs/4866586165.html

Friday, January 16, 2015

Clouds, Nana Kids & Christmas Cookies & Robin

                                         Thursday   11/20/2014

After 10 days in Gulf Shores. I drove my mom to Pensacola, FL which is about 45 to 55 minutes away for her flight home to Cedar Rapids, IA. My GPS quit working on my way back home, which would not normally be a problem, but I had decided to take the ocean gulf route which I didn't know. It was a beautiful day, so I didn't mind. I had to stop several time and look at my cell phone map to make my way. Back home, Joe and I walked Mallery.
The clouds had a look that I had never seen before. They mesmerized me. I know it doesn't take much to give me a thrill.
The clouds were pitted with holes.
Here is a bigger picture of the previous picture. You can see the part of the cloud that was pitted.
Other parts of the clouds were pitted and wispy.
My head was in the clouds because it was just a beautiful day. We have had a few colder days, so it was nice to be back to short sleeve shirts again.
Back at my daughter Alisha's home on another day, I found Robin stretched out on the lounge chair like a prince, unfortunately by the time I got my camera out for the picture, he sat up to say hi! Dag, it was so cute the way he was laying, like he was a fashion model!
This last summer Gulf Shores and surrounding areas was hit by 17 inches of rain within hours, causing major flooding in Gulf Shores and Pensacola, including my daughters home. Because it took a week to get someone into their house to pull out wet insulation and wet wall board, the cats didn't like the smell and kept sneaking out the door. There used to be  Batman, another male white cat, and Robin. For a month both cats were gone. Robin showed up across town, when my granddaughter Hayleah recognized her cat on a friends instagram picture, and called her to retrieve him. The family was so glad to get Robin back, but unfortunately Batman has never been seen again.
Robin is onrey, but a very loveable cat, and was definitely the favorite of the two.
Today we were making Christmas cookies.
The best part is the sugar laden sprinkles. Kids love it, but this Nana hates her Nana kids getting so much sugar!
And of course, Noah has to give me another one of his goofy smiles.
Mama helps while Robin sits by watching.
Robin always has a cross eyed look!
He looks this way 7 out of 10 times. Can't not love this cat even with his cross eyed look.
Mallery continues to maintain good progress with her on the prednisone given now every 24 to 27 hours, which is a huge improvement from every 4 hours.