RVery Best Nest

Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Car Trip across the Mingus Mountains to Prescott

We were originally going to drive Hwy. 89A to Prescott, AZ from Cottonwood with the RV, until we took this road to Jerome in the car and saw signs saying no vehicle over 50 ft. was to take this route. We are 36ft and you add the car and tow package and we get close to 50ft. Later we met a couple at our campground who told us they had taken their RV and car on the route, a year ago, not knowing they shouldn't. When they saw the sign, they had no place to turn around. They told us when they arrived at their campground and they told people they had taken that route with a RV and car, soon everyone had passed it on and everyone was talking about it. I wanted to take the drive, but Joe said I would have to drive, because he had enough of mountain drives, and now that we were in Arizona he thought he was going to be on flat ground. I drove up to Jerome, It was a beautiful but chilly day. Good day for a car ride. Mallery got to come with us, because if we had to leave her in the car, she would be fine. Then I drove up and over the Mingus Mountains. Heading down into Prescott Valley. I was blessed because I was hugging the mountain wall and going up most of the way. We drove through Prescott Valley to Prescott, and stopped in the downtown square. I got to go into one shop before we headed back. Then we took another route to Prescott Valley to head back home over the Mingus Mountains. Because Joe knows I don't like going down the mountains, Joe drove back. We are pretty much at the top here at 7000 ft. See our roads down below. Joe and I are exact opposites. I like going up. Going down is what freaks me out. It's like being on a roller coaster. Joe doesn't like going up, because it means he is going higher and he becomes more uncomfortable. When he is going down he knows he is getting closer to the bottom, so he feels more comfortable. Road above we just came from. Joe is more comfortable after he has driven the road, because he knows what to expect. I am better off not knowing what is ahead, because I don't worry about what I don't know. Once I have seen the road I am more apt to worry about it and dwell on it and develop anxieties. Most of the trip back is down and Joe has seen the road. Even though he has to drive the side with the drop offs, he does fine. So I was glad Joe offered to drive back home.
Most of the drop offs had guard railings, but it still give me the he be ge bes!
Great vista and views for great photo shots. as we entered into Jerome Jerome sits at 5246 ft. with Cottonwood below at 3200ft. Jerome was established in 1876 for mining. Sedona's red rock out in distance. In Jerome we had dinner at the Haunted Hamburger, which has the best views in Jerome for dining. Can't say that much for the food though, one reason we don't eat out a lot! We always get disappointed with the food we get for the price.

Oak Creek Canyon


We took a car trip through Oak Creek Canyon from Sedona to Flaffstaff. We were going to drive this route when we were in Flagstaff with the Nest, but we were told that would not be a good idea, but we should take the drive in the car. Heading down into the canyon. Crossing Oak Creek. Stopped at Banjo Bill picnic area for lunch in the Coconino National Forest. Parked in front of a stream, and ate lunch in the car. It is a very cold day, low 50's when we left Cottonwood. We have gone up some in elevation, and it has gotten much colder. Down in the canyon. It started to snow. First snow Joe and I have seen since the winter 2007. At the lookout spot close to Flagstaff. Looking down into the canyon with light snow falling.It stopped snowing, but left just a dusting. Wall of the canyon as we fly by. Drive along the creek in the canyon, and the canyon walls. It starts to snow again. Heading out of the canyon into Sedona.

We left Sedona and heading to Cottonwood 15 miles down the road. Beautiful cloud coverage. Mingus Moutains in the clouds. Cottonwood in the valley. Entering into Cottonwood with sun shining on the Mingus Mountains and their foothills.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


10/26/09 A roadrunner outside of our Nest. 2nd one I've seen in our campground at the Dead Horse State Park.


Going to see Tuzigoot. See it up on the hill.
Entrance sign to the Sinaqua village that were unearth in 1933. Inside the museum, this is a picture of a model of what the ancestral village looked like. Standing at the top and looking at the village below. At the top and looking down at the valley. What the women used to grind corn, grains into meal.Looking at Tuzigoot from one of the roads at the Dead Horse State Park. Close up of Tuzigoot. After we viewed Tuzigoot, (which was free for us as we bought an annual National Park card for $80. To date we have paid the $80's and are ahead $40 from getting into parks free), we walked around the ponds at our park with Malley.