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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jerome, AZ.


We took a car trip up to Jerome, AZ. This is the little town on the hill that we can see from our dinner table that twinkles at night. Jerome is an old mining town.
The sun is in my face as we climb 2000 feet in about 15 minutes.
Almost to the top.
Houses on the hill.
We park the car and this is our view. Now for a walk around this town.
There are a lot of old building that are not in use any more. This is just a door that took you to the top of a back yard and then a house. We found this as we walked around the town which is full of art galleries, and fun little shops.
These are stairs to the next street up and to a house on the hill.
After a full day of in and out of shops ( yuck for Joe, fun for me), we head down the hill.
I am driving, believe it or not. A house with a great view, but then again most shops, restaurants and homes have a great view.
The road below we will be on in minutes.
Climbing down the mountain.
Great views as we go down. We were told we must come back for diner to see the sunset reflect on the Sedona Mountains.

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