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Friday, February 23, 2018

2018 DN North American Championship Iceboat Regatta On Lake Michigan, Cute Merman, Shopping for New Toys

                                                          February 2018
This year Lake Charlevoix was the host for the 2018 DN American Championship Iceboat Regatta.
Of course we were not there, because snowbirds go south for the winter. My daughter found these pictures on Facebook.
Temperature for the race need to be 10-30 degrees,
with winds at between 5 and 22 knots for good ice conditions.
Because of changing weather conditions, race locations can be chosen with less than 3 day notice. Below is a link to see parts of the race:

The 2018 race was held January 23, with 90 racers.
Down south I found this handsome mermans. Mermans live in the south where the waters are warmer.
After getting over the 2 to 3 week respiratory cold flu, we finally ventured out and did some boat shopping for fun,
as well as some trailer shopping. We have thought of getting a trailer so we could go into Florida for a month during the coldest parts of winter. It could also be 2 extra beds for up north. We wanted a small one for easy pulling, but after looking at them, the smallest we felt comfortable would be 21foot. Our SUV will not pull that big of trailer. Plus trailers are not fun to pull long distance. 5th wheels are much stabler. We really didn't want to go that route so maybe this idea won't work.

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