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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Second day Exploring Seaside & Water Color, FL. Part 2

                    Saturday 2/13/14

After dropping off our farmer market veggies, and picking up Mallery, we drove through Seaside and east on Hwy 30-A. I remembered a housing community that we had visited 5 years ago, and I wanted to find it to see how it had changed. we drove a bit but couldn't find it so we gave up. I had just started to blog 5 years prior, and didn't add many pictures or write about everything so I couldn't get any information on it's location, and only had memories, to rely on. On the way back I saw all this art stuff outside a shop, along the hwy. and had Joe stop.

Lots and lots of art stuff, as I said!
I picked up this little gem. It was price at $29, but Joe bargained with the owner, and got it for $20 which included tax. I had found a long wood piece with pretty much the same design, but it was for $79. Since I don't know my next home set up, and I hated to spend too much.
We headed to Publix ( a southern grocery store) which is located behind the Water Color neighborhood.
If you need lots of groceries and have a car you will probably get more for your money than the Seaside convenience store in town. It is located on Hwy. 395.
We took the scenic route home through the Water Color neighborhood.
It is a lot like the Seaside neighborhood, except most of the homes are much larger.
I really like looking at all the different styles of the homes in this neighborhood, and could spend hours riding a bike around it.
We got lost several times, finding ourselves going in circles, while trying to find our way to Hwy 30-A.
Joe got into his " I need to accomplish the task and find my way out of here", and I tried to remind him, I was enjoying looking at all the homes and it didn't matter if we didn't find the direct route straight home.
But no matter how much I tried to convince him to just relax and enjoy the drive, I could see he just needed to accomplish the task of finding his way home. Men!
So I did the best I could snapping pictures of what I could, of  houses that I liked.
There were many houses that I liked better, that were across the street, and  I didn't want to ask Joe to stop or turn around. He was on a mission that needed to be completed.
The homes ranged from 1,200 to 6,000 sq feet and from $500,000.00 to 4 million.
There are 1,500 homes in the community and all have a "Old Florida Cottage" style.
There are several private parks and pools, throughout the community.
Later that evening, I looked out our window and I could see that  there was a good sunset. I jumped into the car and drove to the boardwalk, and was met with people leaving and heading for their cars.
I got the tail-end of the sunset, but it was still beautiful, just as this area of the Gulf of Mexico is!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Second Day Exploring Seaside, FL. Part 1

                    Saturday 2/13/2014

On our second full day in Seaside we had another beautiful sunny day in the high 60's. The town was busy with lots of people being that it was Saturday. This restaurant named the Great Southern Cafe seemed to be very popular with people enjoying lunch on the patio. We went passed this restaurant later on in the day, and it was still filled with customers. That is always a good sign of good food. I googled the restaurant and found it serves, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Next to the Great Southern Cafe is a bike rental shop. I didn't check the prices, but I am sure it was a bit pricey, as bike rentals tend to be. If we had more time in this area, I would have liked to rented two to ride around the neighborhood of Water Color and Seaside.
We stumbled upon the Saturday Farmers Market, so we enjoyed a few free samples, and picked up an onion and two lemons.

Because we had planned on lunch at the "Food Trucks", we headed over there next.

I had decided to eat at Wild Bill's Beach Dog.

I normally don't eat hot dogs anymore because they are filled with a lot of nasty stuff, but these dogs were different. I chose the Mutt Dog which was 1/2 grass feed beef and 1/2 family farmed pork.

I paid an extra dollar for raw fresh sauerkraut topped on my dog.
My dog was free of nitrates, hormones , and antibiotics. The only thing bad was the white bun, but you can't find perfection unless you make it yourself. And did I say my dog was really "Good". YUM! I would buy another one, and that is saying something.

The day before I had picked up one of these Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pies from Wild Bill's Beach Dog food truck, and I was not impressed. It was too tart and gritty. I would not buy one of those again.

Joe chose to eat at the Melt Down on 30A.

He picked out the Meatloaf Melt.

If we were going to stay longer, I would have come back to try the Strawberry Goat Forever. Maybe I will have to make one at home.

Joe was not happy with his melt. He said it was too bready. He took off  one slice of the bread and ate it open faced.

The food trucks sit in front of the park which is under construction right now. Looked like they were putting in a cement stage. What else they will do, I guess we will have to return to see.

After lunch we went across the street, and I got the pictures I missed the previous day due to my batteries dying in my camera. This is another one of the private beach access and pavilions for home owners that live across the street and in the immediate area.

One block down, we see another private access.

I took this picture because I have seen these water fountain hangings, sold on our travels, but never seen them installed on a house. This home had 3 on this side of the home and 3 on the other side of the home.

The fountains hangs under a hole in the gutters. The rain waters flows from the gutter hole down the fountains, down to a large empty flower pot on the ground.

There are about 3 public beach accesses for visitors.

We went through a shopping and restaurant area,
to this public beach access.

There were a lot more beachcombers on this day, than on the previous day.

The water is so much prettier from Narvarre, to Panama City than in Gulf Shores AL. And that is why these beaches are called the "Emerald Coastline". Gulf Shores has wider beaches, and softer sand, but the water is not as clear.

Looking west.

And this beach is dog friendly which is hard to find in the Gulf coast beaches.

Looking east. You can see Seagrove Beach and Panama City Beach highrises in the distance.
We headed back from the beach and we spotted a great place to have a beer and watch a sunset at Bud & Alley's. Their second floor pub has great views of the ocean.

We checked out the Modica Market, which had almost anything you could want while staying here. There is also a Publix Grocery Store in Water Color. It is not walking distants, but if you have a car or bike, it is easily accessible.

The town was celebrating Mardi Gras this day with New Orleans musicians,

and face painting, and crafts for the little ones.

A jester on stilts was blowing up animal balloons for the kids also.

Close to where we parked we found this neat little shopping area to explore. Oh yea for Joe!

Behind that shopping area was a park, and another shopping area.

Many of the shops in this town are very upper scale and too pricey for me, but it is fun to dream.

 A couple artist painting studios are located in this area and high end clothing with no price tags.

At the end of the shopping district I see this awesome home. I love front porches, and dream of a home like this, when I win the lottery!

I thought this was a cute idea for a DIY project. Painted boards put together with decorating hooks for coats at the door.

When I got home I enjoyed my pumpkin cheese cake I bought at the Farmers Market. You can try samples without buying something you know. The chef I bought this from used to work at the Hilton, but is branching out on his own. I took a bite, then realized I needed to get a picture so I could make you all drool over it. Fortunately you don't get the calories I did, so be thankful for that! I managed to gain 8 pounds from the holidays, and eating these treats are not helping me lose those extra pounds. I guess I need to get with it and start that diet soon.