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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 2 At Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, FL.

                    Monday 2/17/2014

On our second day at Henderson Beach State Park, we decided to walk the beach, after walking Mallery around the park. Mallery sure was walking like an old lady on this day. She walked like a snail. We sure can't get any exercise  walking her. Once on the beach we notice mostly oldies' like us, except for a few youngsters jogging.
The Henderson Park Inn just east of the state park.

Joe finds some chairs from the Inn and wants to see what it feels like to be rich! Now all he has to do is get the waitress to bring him a drink without her finding out he isn't staying at the Inn.
As we walked further east, it seemed to cloud up.
This was the biggest condo's that we saw on our walk east of the state park. This place is called the Inn at Crystal Beach.
We didn't find any shells on the beach. Maybe we have to come out at low tide to find some shells. We head back toward the park.
This picture does not show the true color of the water, but it was a turquoise color. The closest water color that we have seen, that looks the most like the Caribbean waters, and the lake waters in northwestern Michigan. We also notice there are not huge waves along this beach like in Gulf Shores.
About 8 feet from shore we see some kind of fish that was at least a foot long.
From here the state park acreage looks small between the Henderson Park Inn and the high rise condominiums west of the park.
As we get passed the Henderson Park Inn, you can see the true size of the Henderson Beach State Park. 
 It was a beautiful day and Joe and I think we have the "Good Life"

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