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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Harborwalk Village, Destin, FL.

                Tuesday 2/17/2014

We found out that low tide was around 6:40AM, so we decided to go to the beach before breakfast.

It sure didn't look like low tide to us, and there were still no shells. We took our daily beach walk instead of shelling.

After lunch we drove to the Harborwalk Village.

At the Harborwalk Village you will find lots to do if you want to spend money. We first see the zip line.

You can have lunch at Margaritaville.
Or get your picture under the Harborwalk Village Destin, FL. arch for free.We like free!
Or eat at one of the other many waterfront restaurants along the boardwalk.

You can rent a kayak or paddle board.

Did I mention there are lots of seafood restaurants on the waterfront!

You could take a ride in the "Sea Blaster".

We took one of these boat rides in Oregon, and it was a lot of fun, when they did there many 360 turns.

If you have arm muscle you can climb the rock wall. (My arms have always been week)

Or enjoy these neat old tree for free!

Joe, Mallery and I enjoyed the sunny day strolling the boardwalk and marina for free. Did I mention we like free!

Or if you are really brave, you can free fall from the zip line tower!

It could be free and Joe and I would pass this one up.

You could take a ride in this Hydrojet if you want to blow some dough.

Or take a floating bar ride out on the waters.

Mallery is so glad we are cheap scapes, otherwise she would have had to stay home alone.

These are called craigcat boats. We have never seen these before. Looks like there are fishing poles holes behind the chairs, after you get tired of zooming around, you can fish.

We find a poster showing the waters surrounding Destin, FL. Joe points to where the Harborwalk Village and Marina is on the poster.

Here are some other suggestions of ways to spend a ton of money. We saw a fishing company that was looking for a few more people to go on a 8 hour fishing trip. I asked what the price was, and was told $200 something for each person. After I heard the $200, my mind shut down and I don't remember the total. It could have been $240 or more! All I know is that is way too much for us.

If you do catch some fish and are staying in a nearby hotel or resort, you can have this place cook your fish.

These Brown Pelican must get some free food around here. I think I counted 13 of them around this boat. They like free like us.

After we left the Harborwalk Village we found the bridge that took us over to the penisula on the other side of the Destin Harbor.
We walked half way to the point that gave us a good view of Harborwalk Village across the waterway.

When you are on vacation every day of your life, you can't spend money like you do when you are on vacation, so you learn to enjoy the simpler stuff in life. But for those who come here for vacation, there is a lot to do!

Then we saw this sign. It said no domestic animals. Does this mean no dogs from this point on, or is Mallery not suppose to be here at all. We didn't see any signs as we started to walk out to the point from the parking lot.

From across the way, we get a great view of the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise. My Nana boys would love a ride on this boat cruise.

Joe stayed with Mallery behind the sign and I walked out to the point to get a picture of the Destin Bridge.

The Harborwalk Village Hotel is a great place to stay if you want to be in the thick of things.

From the point I walked up a sand dune to get a better view of the Destin Harbor. Do you see Joe and Mallery below waiting for me.

In the other direction, I got a view of the Destin Pass out to the Gulf Of Mexico.

When I got back to Joe, he told me Mallery went crazy when I left them to go to the point. She was happy that her mommy returned.

We got back to the beginning of the park and found why we had not seen any sign with rules of no animals.  (Note sign laying on the ground) I did stop and pick up some other person's dog's poop, with one of our doggy bags, trying to do a good deed to make up for taking Mallery on a beach that she was not suppose to be on. Even though it wasn't our fault!

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