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Friday, February 21, 2014

Grayton Beach State Park, FL.

                   Thursday 2/20/2014

After 4 nights in Destin, we hit the road, and headed east on Hwy. 98 for 20 miles. I told you a few blogs ago, we were going to crawl across the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico. So yes 20 miles is a crawl when you are on a road trip. We love this area, and since we haven't been here for 5 years we wanted to enjoy it again. After 12 miles we took Hwy. 30 SE. Along this Hwy., it seemed more build up than the last time we were through here. We ran into road construction, which took us a couple miles through a neighborhood, then back onto Hwy. 30. The detour was a bit tight for a big rig pulling a car. As we got closer to Grayton Beach State Park, it started to look more the way we remembered it. There are bike paths all along this coastal area. Wish we had bikes!
This resort looked new. It had cute little roof top porches.
We stayed at Grayton Beach State Park 5 years ago, and love this area, so we had to stop for a few days. We had a hard time getting reservations, so we felt lucky to get 4 nights here.

We booked this site, #59 on line. This part of the park didn't look like what we remembered. We remembered the sites being more private like Henderson Beach State Park in Destin. This site does have sewer though. After setting up, we walked around and found the loop that we had stayed in last time.

This is what we remembered the sites looking like. But these sites don't have sewer. Joe thought we had sewer 5 years ago, but after we got here, I remembered Joe hooking up our portable grey water tank behind our car and pulling it to the dump station. It was all coming back to us now. We no longer have the portable tank as the wheels fell off from getting rusty from being  hauled under the motor home.

Behind these sites you have Western Lake where Joe tried to fish last time. We met another full- time RVers, Jeff and Dawn here 5 years ago. Dawn taught me how to blog. Before that I was just sending email journeys to family and friends. Thanks Dawn for helping me create this blog. I didn't know anything about blogs before I met her. The beach is on the other side of Western Lake.

Next we  went to the beach. The temperature was 69 and cloudy, with lots of fog.

We didn't bring Mallery, because we did remember she was not allowed.

Halfway on the boardwalk to the beach I looked back at the bath house. You can see Western Lake to the right of the bath house, and the campground off in the distance on the left. There is one white RV that you can see through the brush.

Looking east on the beach.

Looking west on the beach.

We walked east for about a mile to the town of Water Color.

We see a family celebrating the completion of a sand castle.

Looking up the beach of Water Color and Seaside. (Another town that runs right next to Water Color one block up).

The lady who's family made this sand castle, said it took them 2 hour to build.

We headed back toward home. The waves were much larger here compared to Destin Beach area. No sea shells on this beach either. We also didn't see any shore birds. A storm was predicted for the middle of the night. Maybe the birds had head already headed  inland for protection.

While we were walking back, we kept hearing what sounded like a helicopter, but couldn't see anything. Then finally we saw this helicopter/airplane coming toward us.

It flew right over us. If you would like to read about our adventures 5 years ago while at Grayton Beach State Park click on the link http://diane-j-m.blogspot.com/2009/02/grayton-beach-days-96-101.html

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