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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Boats, Higher Temps, Sick Doggie, & Boat Rides

                                                              June 2016

I have been wishing we could get a bigger boat; one that has a cutty cabin with a bathroom on board. Our neighbor was selling his son's boat, he offered to take us for a ride. The asking price is $35,000. It is a 2001, 26 ft Formula, which is a high end boat. Our boat is 21 foot and doesn't take the big waves of this lake very well. As much as I would like it, we just have too many irons in the fire right now, and our boat lift would not hold this boat. That would mean, we would have to look for another boat hoist too, which are not cheap either.
On this day we crossed the ferry to go over to the town of Charlevoix. As we crossed the narrows, we got another glimpse of the updated restaurant. We will have to come here sometime by boat or car.
We stopped at another boat dealer in Charlevoix, and saw this paddle boat. The kids would love this thing. I saw the biggest Tri-Toon I have ever seen there, for mega bucks. Saw another used boat called the "Live A Little" that was really nice, but too much too.
Down the road from us is another Formula, 1999 twin engines, 32 foot with an asking price of $55. Again just a tad out of our league, He He!
Gave up the boat hunt, and decided to start to get some early morning Vitamin D, slippers and all.
We got some really hot days in June.

But who cares, when you can chill with a glass of wine and enjoy this view.
In June Mallery got her summer cut from her mom.
I have always cut her hair after having a groomer butch her one day. I have saved a ton of money doing it myself. I am sure glad too, because she has been a big expense in her senior years
This is a trip in the car going home after a trip to Petoskey to see another veterinary She was peeing constantly, and sure enough, urinary tract infection, as well as intestinal infection. She got 2 shots with antibiotic and she was not feeling too hot afterward. I had them recheck her Kidney levels also while we were there.
She had been diagnosed with Kidney Failure in May of 2015. She stayed in a 24 hour intensive care hospital for 3 nights when first diagnosed. She had a Creatinine of 4.0 and a BUN of 107, back then. I was told that the numbers would never go down.

In October 2015 she was retested and her levels were BUN 82 mg/dl, and Creatinine 2.1mg/dl.
On June 23rd her BUN was 52, and Creatinine 1.8. Her Creatinine is at the high end of normal, and her BUN has gone from 107 to 52. She does get daily sub q fluids, and lots of supplements, and daily healing prayers. My point is, you should never take a physician's word for verbatim. All veterinary's marvel at her progress.
Joe out running his boat fast. I stay home when he wants to go for  fast run.
Mallery taking a selfie!
OK, It was really me. Here we are enjoying our second boat ride for the season.
Mallery seemed to really enjoy the boat ride for the first time.
As long as she was in my arms
and her dad went slow. She loved smelling the air with a lick here and there!
Our lake home from the boat as we arrived back for the day.
View from our lakeside yard across the street.
The awning is out as it had been hot, giving us shade on the deck.
Mallery napping after an hour on the water. (Yes I finally picked a paint color, and the painting was in the progress in this pictures).