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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Desert Bar


Last winter in late January and early February, we met Dawn and Jeff Fine, at Grayton State Park which is east of Destin, Florida in the pan handle. About a week or so later we ran into them at St. George Island in the panhandle of Florida. Dawn and Jeff had us over for hors d'oeuvres and a visit in their 'Homey' while at St George state Park. Dawn taught me how to Blog, and has been my teacher ever since. I have followed her blog ever since and always know where they are. This summer I asked where they were going to be for the upcoming winter, I found out they were going to winter in Arizona, as we were also. Our paths crossed once again in Quartzsite, Arizona. Once again They invited us over to their Homey with some other friends for hors d'oeuvres and fellowship. From left to right -Bold Dawn, Donna, Joe, Ed, Jan, Steve, and Jeff. Dawn and Jeff have been full time RVing for 9 years now. Jeff is a retired dentist, and Dawn a retired dental assistant. I feel right back at the office when I am with them. Thanks Dawn and Jeff for a really nice time and we will see you on the road again probably next winter.


Spending the day at the big top RV show today. But once I got inside, I totally forgot about you all, because I was in shopping heaven. The only thing I wish I had taken a picture of was the Ion foot bath cleansing I did for $20. The bath cleanses toxins from your body through the 2000 pores on the bottom of your feet by using electrical magnetism. You put your feet into a tub of clean warm water with salt. Then they put this thing called an array in the tub with your feet. Then they put something around your wrist and turn on the machine. With in minutes the water starts to turn different colors depending on what toxins are most plentiful in your body. By the end of my 30 minute session, my water was a brown and you could not see my feet anymore. They told me I was very acidic. That was accurate, I have been having lots of acid reflux since Christmas. I ate too many carbs like I also do around the holidays. The lady who I saw doing it before me, had very black water when she had finished. They had a chart that told you what toxins were eliminated during your session according to color and textures. It was really gross seeing all that stuff coming out of you. If you are interested in reading more about this, just google, "ion foot bath cleanse."


We went to the Desert Bar, which is located just north east of Parker, AZ., with our new friends we met at Dawn and Jeff's
5 mile drive on a dirt road with a few pot holes. Most people are driving four wheelers and SUV's that don't sit as low as we do. Our next car is going to be a jeep. The Desert Bar is situated in the Buckskin Mountains. A man named Ken bought the land in 1975, it used to be an old mining camp. The mine was a copper mine and also smelted some gold. There it is ahead. The two tall figures ahead are cooling towers. Ken has a home out here as well as the bar. The bar is open only on Saturday and Sunday from high noon to sunset and most holidays, and closed in the summer. Sitting at a table and looking out to the parking lot, see the covered bridge to the bar, and a church entrance but no church building yet. The parking lot is where the old mining camp was located. Joe, Ed, and Jan sitting at a table on the balcony. Mallery under the table leashed to my chair. She is not too happy because the loud music is making her nervous and stressed. I guess I should have listened to Joe. He said I should leave her at home. She is panting like crazy, even though it is almost chilly with the wind. I had two hot chocolates with peppermint schnapps, just to warm up. Heading to the girls room. Looking back to the Nellie E. Saloon - the mining claim name- (Desert Bar) on the way to the girls room. Lots of us snowbirds. Not too wild of a crowd. Neat open view from the bathroom sinks. Unique sinks made from wood and metal, and buckets for waste baskets. Heavy and loud bathroom door. Back at our table, I look up and see many people that have climbed up from the bathrooms to get a better picture of the place. Another picture from our table on a balcony. When the bar first opened, water had to be hauled in a 50 gallon tank on the back of a truck. Then Ken purchased a fire truck to bring water in. I decided later after going to the girls room to climb up the hill to get a good picture also. Looking back at the girls room built into the rocky hill. View at the top of the hill looking away from the bar. View from the top of the hill, where other people had been taking pictures from above. You can see the balcony where we are sitting just below. You can also see the solar panels that power the well that Ken drilled in 1997. View looking out from another point. I was not in rocky mountain shoes ( clogs), so I had a bit of trouble climbing up. Sitting at the bar to order a hamburger and chips, while a band plays. Live music Saturday and Sunday 1-5. Many orders ahead of me. Still waiting for my burger. Another view as I wait for my food. One last picture before I get to eat. As we leave I take a picture of the small church where many wedding are held. Leaving the famous Desert Bar. We had lots of rain last week so there is some green out in the desert.


Last night was a really rough night for our dear little girl. The Desert Bar was too much excitement for her. She seemed fine when we got home, but she woke us up with coughing and making honking sounds. I got up to see if I could calm her and after turning on the light I founded 5 to six areas where she had thrown up yellow mucus stuff. While I cleaned up, Joe was trying to calm her down as she was having trouble breathing. In 2006 she was diagnosed with collapsed trachea. She does real well in good climate, but when climate is extreme it effects her. The stroller has been a life saver for me because even though she weights only 7 lbs, she gets very heavy for me very fast. Her Veterinary told us not to let her get over exerted as this can cause problems with her trachea closing more. It got very cold last night, and I remember my throat hurt when I woke up with her. I told Joe we were going to have to set the thermostat to 60 so it doesn't get too cold for her. I am going to have to remember not to take Malley to places that stress her as the Desert Bar did. We took her to the Vet at 12:00 today. But as I walked in, they told me they were not taking any more patients and I would have to bring her back tomorrow. I told the receptionist, I didn't know if she would make it through another night. All she could say was, " I sorry, but you need to be here from 9:00 to 11:15 to be seen. I told her she had a collapsed trachea, and asked if there was something I could give her. She said no, you would need a prescription first. I asked if their were any other vets in town. She told me no and the closest one was 30 ninutes away and was booked 4 weeks out. I wanted to rink her neck. This is not a place to be with a sick dog. We went home and kept Malley calm all day as she breathed fast shallow breathes that gurgled all day and through the night. Mallery not feeling good. She did not eat all day and never got out of her bed. At around 4:00pm I hand fed her, first with treats and than her regular food. She ate enough to keep her from going into hypoglycemic shock. While out to walk Mallery, neightbors pointed to an owl in a tree. Owl trying to get some sleep. But keeping an eye open on us. Probably eyeing Mallery. Don't worry, we have her on a harness.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

88 Shades RV Park & Day's In Quartzsite


We have been at 88 Shades RV park for about a week and a half.
Our Nest's new yard at Lot D-7. The streets are lined with palms. We have not counted how many palms, but we are wondering if there are 88 of them. I guess we should ask at the office. Mallery seems to like it here better than Casa Grande. Not sure why except we were in the pet section, and I am thinking there were too many dog smells everywhere we walked. During a walk in our park we saw this custom built motorcycle.


We walked up to the Main Event flea markets which are about 4 blocks from our park, and spent the afternoon mingling throughout the vendors. We were told this morning it will take at least 2 weeks to see all the vendors in town. Another interesting car owned by a semi permanent park resident. A picture of Main Street. 88 Shades is down the street 4 blocks on the right. We were told Grubsteak was a good place to eat. A little dive but good food. We ordered the beer battered fish fry which is hugh and we shared one order. Neither one of us could have eaten it all. It was really good and I am sure fattening. The place was so full, we had to sit at the bar to eat. Joe is eyeing all the money on the ceiling. You know Joe and money. I got to keep an eye on him, so that he doesn't climb on his seat and grab a few to pay for the meal. (I hope you know I am kidding).

11/14 -16/10

Another area of flea markets on the other side of I-10 Miles and miles of vendors. Everything from tools, rocks, jewelry to kitchen supplies.


Quartzsite has several small grocery stores in town, but the prices are almost doubled normal prices. With over 100,000.00 of RVers coming into Quartzsite for the winter, this dead little town otherwise probably has no industry, so they jack up the prices. Today we are taking a day trip on 95 north to the town of Parker to go grocery shopping at a new Wal-Mart there. The first week here has been beautiful in low 70's and sunny, but the weather is going to change for about a week to rain and cooler. As we drove north toward Parker, the on coming traffic was heavy with RVers, heading toward Quartzsite. This week Quartzsite is having an RV Show. The drive is about 40 minutes to Parker. The grasses or weeds in the desert have dried and turned yellow. More RV'sRain is in the forecast. After lunch at Micky D's and shopping at Wal-Mart in Parker, we head back to Quartzsite. Pretty clouds and skylines. and many boon dockers (camping out in the desert with no hook ups) as we get close to Quartzsite.