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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009 in Gulf Shores, AL.


CHRISTmas 2009 at my daughter Tiffany and Blake's home. My grand babies & girl. ( Noah 18 months- Hayleah 13 years old & Lennox 15 months old) Lennox modeling his new hat. ( Tiffany and Blake's baby). Jamie in background. Hayleah modeling her new dress and the scarf I knitted for her. I also knitted scarfs for my daughters Alisha & Tiffany. I had seen scarfs in Jerome, AZ. that I wanted to buy for Christmas presents, but they were $80. each. I decided I could make ones myself, after all I use to knit 35 years ago. I got on the internet and picked up a book on how to knit, and taught myself. Lennox.

I have a very hard time getting a picture of him with his eyes open. He is like me, as the blue eyes can be very sensitive to the flash. This picture his eyes are half open. Noah modeling his Christmas shirt he helped make at day care with his hands and foot. ( My daughter Alisha and Jamie's baby). Hayleah and her baby brother. ( My daughter Alisha's two children). A two headed fat person. Just kidding. Alisha and Jamie underneath a snuggie, that Alisha won during our secret Santa game. After opening Christmas presents and having fun with our secret Santa gifts, we had dinner and then played games. We played Balderdash and Catch Phrase.


On our way to the airport in Pensacola, Florida about an hour away.
While waiting for Hayleah's flight to see her dad in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I did a photo shoot with her and her brother's Elmo in her back pocket. Hayleah with her new camera from Jamie. I think she is going to be a photographer like her mom. While we wait for her flight, Noah pushes his stroller around the airport. Hayleah's good looks come from me! He he. Hayleah modeling the leather jacket and bag I gave to her for Christmas.The bag I got in Jerome, AZ. 12/27/09

After church Blake, Tiffany, Lennox and I went to breakfast at my favorite breakfast place, The Waffle House. Lennox wearing the shirt and vest I bought him for Christmas Lennox gets his good looks from me also. He he! Online college, Columbia Southern University, where Alisha & Tiffany work in Gulf Shores. Also where Alisha is taking online classes to get a marketing degree.


We had a cook out at Blake and Tiffany's house on New Years Eve.. We had a great time playing Catch Phrase again. Picture of the full moon before midnight.


The first day of 2010. My favorite nana cat Bella. ( Tiffany's cat).


I took Alisha, Tiffany and Lennox to the Hang Out on the beach for lunch for Alisha's 33rd birthday. Alisha's birthday is 1/3/10, but we have to drive to Pensacola Airport to pick up Hayleah tomorrow. Lennox sporting his new hat as today is a bit cold in Gulf Shores. The Hang Out in Gulf Shores. A fun place on the beach.


Spent the day getting to the airport in Pensacola, Fl and flying to Houston then to Phoenix to get back to Joe and the Nest.
On the way home from Phoenix to Casa Grande I caught the end of a pretty sunset. By the time I remembered my camera was in my purse, the sunset was almost gone. Sunsets in AZ. are awesome.

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