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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hayleah Grace's 16th Birthday

December 2012

During the month of December we found our self at the neighborhood park with our grandson's  Lennox.( in red) and Noah ( in white) on this day. Lennox and Noah found some other kids to play with and joined in with their fun.
We celebrated Hayleah's 16th Birthday on December 23. Her friend Chelsea is also in the picture.

Maddie and Lennox watch as we sang Happy Birthday to  Hayleah.

Noah and Lennox watch as Hayleach gets ready to blow out her 16 candles.

Beautiful Hayleah Grace!

Hayleah's friend Roger also attended her Birthday party. If you happen to see a new reality show called "Reef Wranglers", starting on February 12, 8 PM central on the Weather Channel (TWC);  Rogers father is in the show.  Roger will also be in one episode. Roger's father, Roger Sr., builds artificial coral reefs.

The next day we drove Hayleah to the Pensacola airport to fly  her to her dad's in St Paul, Minnesota. While Alisha took Hayleah through security I watched Maddie at the airport cafe. Every 2 seconds I had to answer the same question from Madalena, " "Where did my Mommy go"?

The chocolate ice cream helped pass the time as we waited for her return.  After Hayleah spent Christmas with her Minnesota family, they all flew to Belize for a week. The 17 family members celebrated Hayleah's fathers parent's 50th anniversary in Belize.