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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exploring Our Favorite Panhandle Towns Of Water Color & Seaside, FL.

                      Friday 2/12/2014

We had a nice sunny day to explore two of our favorite beach towns in the panhandle of Florida. We drove past Western Lake to the first community which is about a 2 miles from Grayton Beach State Park. I took this picture of Grayton Beach House across Western Lake as we headed east on Hwy 30-A.
Our first favorite beach town is Water Color. I couldn't find out what the population of Water Color was, but on Hwy 30-A it consists of about a block long. This is deceiving of it's size, as most of the town is behind Hwy. 30-A, north and east. I will tell you more about Water Color in my next blog.
This and the next picture are two homes on Hwy 30-A in Water Color.
What I like about Water Color and Seaside is there are no condominiums. The towns have a small trendy town feel.
After one block of Water Color, you enter into Seaside. Seaside was founded in 1981 and has a population of 1,228 ( including cats and dogs).
View of Seaside's two story homes with their roof top lookout towers.
Seaside is about 4 to 5 blocks long with lots of little restaurants, bars, and shops. We found a line of Food Trucks in front of the city park. (which is under construction at the moment). We had lunch already, but checked out what was available for the next day's lunch.
We took a walk through the cute neighborhood in Seaside.

The homes were 1 to 2 story, with many having the lookout towers patios on top.
A look down one of the side streets from the main street of Hwy. 30-A.
The town was well planned out, as the homes all fit well together, but all have different looks.
The house above had this sign on the front fence.
There are back yard walkways throughout the neighborhoods.
If you like architecture, you will love Water Color and Seaside, Fl.
All the Seaside homes have signs on their fence.
Another backyard pathway.
This home had an inside and outside lookout towers/patio.
Some homes were more of a cottage feel, but still with lots of character.

A home on Hwy 30-A with it's private 3 car off road parking.
This home had a ton of charm. Note the side walkway porch on the left side.
And a cute and colorful lookout tower on the upper right side.
Many of the homes were very large, with as much as 3000 to 5000 sq feet of living space.
The only downfall is that some of the backyards were close and cozy.
On the beach side of Hwy 30-A, each of these neighborhoods had their private beach access to the ocean. If you live on Natchez Street or off it, this is their beach access.
Each beach access had an unique and different pavilion. At this point my camera battery died because I failed to charge it the night before, so I will show you more on our next day's adventure. Before we went home we took Mallery on the beach, as dogs are allowed on the beaches in Water Color and Seaside. On the way back to the car we stopped at one of the food trucks and I pick up a chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick for a snack on the way home.

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