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Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Days In Gulf Shores, AL.

                                      Oct 30, 2014
                        Good News, Mallery has made a steady improvement in the last 24 hours. We got a dehumidifier, and I started up my air cleaning machine that I have carried around with us for the last 6 years, but fail to use much because I get tired of cleaning the filters. She slept through the entire night with her medicine being given every 8 hours. I never heard her wheeze all night long. I have been sleeping with her out in the living room, as the bedroom tends to cause anxiety (the place where all her breathing problems start during the night- so association of a not so good place for her). I hope I am not creating a new problem! This morning I dropped her medicine from 1 1/2 ml to 1 ml every 8 hours. So far so good. We are starting to think that she was having an allergic or asthmatic reaction to some pollen.We normally leave our bedroom window open slightly at night (recommended to help relieve condensation which is common in RV's) The fog rolls in during the evening, pushing pollen down, according to the vet. Evidently too much moisture came in the window that night. The vet told me to not walk Mallery early mornings or late afternoons, as that is when the humidity rises and the pollen count is the highest. With Mallery's compromised trachea from the collapsing trachea condition she has and now the tumor, it doesn't take much to cause inflammation, and then, anxiety, and then more inflammation. My only concern right now is that she seems to get hot fast, and while sleeping her breathing is fast with short breaths. Time will only tell, but we are a little more encouraged at the moment. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. It means so much to us.

    Now back to the blog and trying to get caught up:
We left our night stay at Wal-Mart in Gardendale, AL. and made our last drive to the coast. On the way we saw lots of cotton fields as we got close to Gulf Shores.
As we entered into Gulf Shores, I got a picture of the sign, "Small town, Big Beaches" This is our winter destination until April 1, 2015. Our first night we stayed at the WalMart in Gulf Shores. We needed groceries and we hate to pay for a full day at a campground when we pull in town at 5:00 PM. The Gulf Shores State Park changed their charging policies this year, and if you want to pay monthly, you must come in on the 1st of the month, or pay the daily rate until the 1st of the month. Our girls and grand kids live 3 to 4 blocks from Wal-Mart, so we took at advantage of another Wal-Mart.
After setting up and getting our groceries, we went to our grand kids karate class. My youngest granddaughter is Madalena, the tiny little blonde. In this picture she was 3 years old, almost 4 in a month. Next to her, the blonde in the black shirt is Lennox who is 6. This was Lennox's first night in class.
The kids have karate class 3 nights a week. The karate studio is located at the end of their street, making it very convenient to get there.
Maddie has already passed from a little kids white belt to a yellow/white belt. Lennox had not got his white belt until after class that day.
Lennox with his front tooth missing.
In the next class was my third oldest grandchild, Noah. He is 6 1/2. He is the little blonde boy with the yellow belt. He has been in karate for 3 to 4 months at the time of this picture. He is in the big kids class because his mom felt he could handle that class. He has passed from the adult white to yellow belt. The next day we move our Nest to the Gulf Shores State Park Campground. We can get to the girls home in 10 minutes or 4 miles, from there.
That evening we went over to the girls for Halloween. This is Tiffany, our youngest daughter, and Blake's home. Blake is a great decorator as you can see. Best decorated in neighborhood for all holidays.
Tiffany with her son Lennox a Nija Turtle.
Lennox took off his mask so I could get a look at who the Nija Turtle really was!
Tiffany was dressed as the Day of the Dead Skeleton.
Lennox wanted a single picture like his mom.
My oldest daughter arrived from just down the street. Alisha was vampire Marilyn Monroe with her husband Jamie the Banana. Their kids are Maddie the Princess Mouse and Noah the comic character Deadpool.
Marilyn and Bananaman.
Maddie the Princess Mouse.
Noah the Deadpool.
Noah loves to make faces for most pictures.
Blake asked Joe what he was dress as. Joe said, "A snowbird"! Good answer Joe!
Soon Hayleah and her boyfriend, Johnathon, showed up.
Hayleah is our oldest granddaughter who turned 18 December 24. She was the Ty Beanie Bear Leopard.
Johnathon was the Animal Trainer.
Blake the Master Of Ceremonies & Tiffany.
Alisha, Jamie, Joe and I took the kids to a neighbor that is closed to all traffic for Trick or Treaters. It was crazy because the neighborhood had 1000's of kid's and parents that evening. Alisha was told that the owners of the homes spend up to $500 for candy.
Here is a picture of our new neighborhood. The first day we moved into the lot #132, the lot on the left in the picture that has the tall tree. We had a hard time getting a satellite signal there so got permission to move to the end of the street.
Our site is #128. We requested this site last year before we left, but when we arrived this year they said we couldn't have it because someone else asked for it. Since they were not coming until February 1, they said we could have it until then. On Feb. 1 we have to move back to site # 132.
Our site has lots of space between neighbors,
on both sides.
Our neighbor on this side is quite a distance also.

The only close neighbor we have is across the street. That site has been occupied with on the go people just for a few day to a week. Now that we are at January 1, though, the park has really filled up and our new neighbor across the street will probably be here for the season. This park is the fullest during snowbird season from January 1 to April 1.

 Happy New Year & God Bless you all for 2015

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