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Friday, January 16, 2015

Clouds, Nana Kids & Christmas Cookies & Robin

                                         Thursday   11/20/2014

After 10 days in Gulf Shores. I drove my mom to Pensacola, FL which is about 45 to 55 minutes away for her flight home to Cedar Rapids, IA. My GPS quit working on my way back home, which would not normally be a problem, but I had decided to take the ocean gulf route which I didn't know. It was a beautiful day, so I didn't mind. I had to stop several time and look at my cell phone map to make my way. Back home, Joe and I walked Mallery.
The clouds had a look that I had never seen before. They mesmerized me. I know it doesn't take much to give me a thrill.
The clouds were pitted with holes.
Here is a bigger picture of the previous picture. You can see the part of the cloud that was pitted.
Other parts of the clouds were pitted and wispy.
My head was in the clouds because it was just a beautiful day. We have had a few colder days, so it was nice to be back to short sleeve shirts again.
Back at my daughter Alisha's home on another day, I found Robin stretched out on the lounge chair like a prince, unfortunately by the time I got my camera out for the picture, he sat up to say hi! Dag, it was so cute the way he was laying, like he was a fashion model!
This last summer Gulf Shores and surrounding areas was hit by 17 inches of rain within hours, causing major flooding in Gulf Shores and Pensacola, including my daughters home. Because it took a week to get someone into their house to pull out wet insulation and wet wall board, the cats didn't like the smell and kept sneaking out the door. There used to be  Batman, another male white cat, and Robin. For a month both cats were gone. Robin showed up across town, when my granddaughter Hayleah recognized her cat on a friends instagram picture, and called her to retrieve him. The family was so glad to get Robin back, but unfortunately Batman has never been seen again.
Robin is onrey, but a very loveable cat, and was definitely the favorite of the two.
Today we were making Christmas cookies.
The best part is the sugar laden sprinkles. Kids love it, but this Nana hates her Nana kids getting so much sugar!
And of course, Noah has to give me another one of his goofy smiles.
Mama helps while Robin sits by watching.
Robin always has a cross eyed look!
He looks this way 7 out of 10 times. Can't not love this cat even with his cross eyed look.
Mallery continues to maintain good progress with her on the prednisone given now every 24 to 27 hours, which is a huge improvement from every 4 hours.

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