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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bays Around Gulf Shores, and Cordova Mall in Pensacola

Tuesday 11/20/2012

While Joe was still gone at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, I had a dentist appointment in Daphne, AL. Mom went with me, and after the appointment, I took a different route back to Gulf Shores, AL. This is a picture south of the town of Fairhope, AL. on the east side of Mobile Bay.

The water in Mobile Bay is very muddy and you could not see the bottom even in a foot of water.

We stopped at the Mullet Point Park along Mobile Bay.


                                     Thursday 11/22/2012

For Thanksgiving Mom, Alisha, the kids and I were invited to Jamie's sister Sonya, and brother in law Trey's home in Bay Minette, AL. Jamie is still in Afghanistan, Joe was in South Carolina with his family, and Tiffany and Blake went to Atlanta,Georgia with Blake's mom's family. This is a picture of Sonya's home from the backside.

Hayleah, Noah and Mom enjoying their patio after Thanksgiving dinner.
Sonya taking a picture of  TJ (Sonya's son) and Maddie in her pick tutu. Sonya's two daughters Ali and Alex were also there but I didn't get any pictures of them. Jamie's mother Cathy was also there. Jamie's dad is in Afghanistan at the same base as Jamie. We would have had a very small Thanksgiving on our own, so it was really nice to be invited to Jamie's family. The Hilemen clan, always have a ton of food, so we were well feed and feeling like stuffed turkeys ourselves, as we left for the evening. 

                                    Saturday 11/24/2012

On Saturday, I had to drive my mother June to Pensacola, FL. so she could fly back to Iowa. Her flight was early so we had to get up and leave Gulf Shores at 6:30. After I saw her off, I drove to the Cordova Mall in Pensacola. Joe was to fly in later that day around 2:30, leaving me around a 5 1/2 hour wait. As I pulled into the parking lot of the mall, Alisha called and said she and her kids would drive to the mall and spend the day with me.

After going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch the kids enjoyed driving the ice cream truck in the mall.

Noah drove the truck and Maddie enjoyed the ride.

The kids had to ride in the space ship also before we continued our walk around the mall.
At Cordova Mall there was a vendor that has a trampoline with a harness that allows high jumps and swings. Noah would not have anything to do with it, but little Maddie wanted to do it. The sign said anyone of any age and weight could do it. They got Maddie harnessed up, and told us that if she backed out I would get my my money ($6) back. Surprisingly she loved it, and only cried when she was taken out of the harness and couldn't do it anymore. Alisha said she knew Maddie is going to be her dare devil and one that was going to cause her worry. Even though Maddie is 2 years old she looks much younger because she is still wearing 12 month old clothing. She is in the 5% for her weight for her age and 4% for her height for her age. Madalena might be our itty- bitty half pint, but she has a huge personality!
 Joe called me around 1PM and told me his flight was canceled for a few hours, because of computer problems in the plane cockpit.. They were going to try to get the flight off the ground later that day. Two hours later, he called me back and said the flight was canceled for the day. Delta was putting Joe up for the night in a hotel and I was going to have to drive back to Pensacola the next day. Below is a video of Maddie enjoying her jump and swing to the ceiling of the mall.

The next day we went to Alisha's church, Christian Life Church. We were getting the little ones tagged with a number to put them in the nursery.

We picked up the kids after church. Noah has had "B" his bear since he was a baby. He still carries "B" everywhere he goes. We wonder when "B" will become a home bear for good.

 After church I drove back to Pensacola to pick up Joe. The drive to the airport in Pensacola, FL is a hour drive.

On  the way home I wanted to do some exploring, so I took a road going south from Hwy. 98. We ended up at Amica Bay.

Across from Amica Bay, we could see Orange Beach, which is the next town east from Gulf Shores, AL, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

We were in the community of Josephine. The water is much clearer in this bay.


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