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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Casa Grande, AZ.


We decided to drive to Casa Grande this evening, which is about
45 to 60 minutes north. This is a first, because normally Joe likes to be relaxing at five. Joe said he wanted to drive because he felt the Wal-Mart in Casa Grande would probably be safer than in Tucson. We drove about 20 minutes in the dark, another 1st. I think Joe is feeling more comfortable driving the RV.
Leaving Tucson. I think these are the Lemon Mountains, but don't know for sure. We were told we should go up in them, but we never made it. When we came back to Tucson, we were going to stay at a state campground near them, but the mountains were covered in snow, so we decided we've had 50 years or more of snow and would skip it this year. Plus Joe is mountained out!


The next day we drove a few miles to our next neighborhood for a month. Because I have been slacking on my job, I forgot to take pictures of our new park as we drove in and set up. The park we are staying at is the Sundance 1 RV Resort. Here are pictures I took the next few days after we arrived.
Entrance of our new stomping grounds.
A 55+ community. Yes we are 55+ and proud of it.
Looking back at the park gates after we enter. View as we entered the park. Park office and activity rooms. Close up of office. Activity room, exercise room, craft room. Inside and outside heated pool. Inside pool and courtyard. Joe waiting for me to quit taking pictures after he filled a gallon jug of purified water for 25 cents. This is something new for us, we have never seen a park with reverse osmosis, filtered drinking water available from a machine, you provide your gallon container and put your quarter in and out comes the water. Much cheaper than buying bottled water, which we have done in the past when we stay at a park that has "funny" tasting water. Stain glass room and ceramic room. The park has 700 lots. Our new spot lot 425. Mallery says she likes it here. Paved interior roads Bark, bark which means yahoo!

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