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Monday, December 7, 2009

Fort Huachuca


Our park,Tombstone Territories, has large gravel on the lot area and small gravel on the interior roads. But notice the small cement curb between the two gravel areas. All the gravel makes the park look neat as a pin but;
Mallery hates to walk on gravel. I would too. When we go for a walk, I usually put on her booties. Some times, for short walks, I don't put the booties on. Mallery has discovered the cement curb (See picture above) She will walk on her small but perfect sidewalk made just for her, or so she thinks.
The only problem is when she comes to the black lot numbers, she will tip toe back on the gravel around the black area. Dogs are so funny and do silly things just like kids!

We are headed to Tombstone again today. I need to return a turquoises pendant I bought there 2 days ago. It seems I bought a pendant that was reconstitute turquoise and not solid turquoise. After the purchase, I asked a couple of experts if it was real and was told it was reconstitute (like spam turquoise) (turquoise dust compacted together). You have to know what you are buying. I definitely couldn't tell.
Doggie on a burro in Tombstone.
Stagecoach rides for a price. We passed.
Covered wagon ride for a price. We passed.

After the return we headed to Sierra Vista to visit Fort Huachuca.
Road from Tombstone to Sierra Vista.

As we drove onto the base, we have to show our Id's, car registration and insurance. Good old Home Land Security at work. Only problem is, after we drive onto the base there seems to be no security at all. It being Saturday, I assume most of the base was closed, yet we drove around and around looking for the Museum for the Buffalo Soldiers and never were stopped or questioned as to who we were or what we where doing. The base is an intelligence & communications base for our troops. They also do some field training as well.
Base homes.
The place is real big with a gas station, school, homes, apartments, lots of buildings, RV park and even a horse ranch. Their is also acres of land around it.
Driving around lost.
All we are doing is getting more lost!
Snow on the mountain top.
Where is the museum?
I am not going to waste the drive. I at least enjoyed the views.
After about 30 min. of driving around we gave up as it was now about 4:30pm and assumed the museum, where ever it was, would be closing soon. So we found our way back to the main gate and headed home.
Back at home at the Tombstone Territories RV Park.
The vista's is very clear today.
Weird clouds today.
Very thin and papery.
We leave this park tomorrow. A week stay goes very fast.
The sunset light is cast on Dragoon Mountains.
All week we have not had any good sunsets.
But this is a great send off.

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  1. Beautiful sunset! your pup cracks me up! you need to buy a red carpet and roll it in front of her..or get her booties!