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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Special Times With Lennox


Because I was so busy when I first got in Gulf Shores, Al., I was unable to blog all I wanted. I am still very busy, but try to fit in earlier blog that I did not get finished. Because I get so little time during the year with my Nana babies, I am dedicating some of my travel blog to my most precious gift's from God.

Before Halloween, Lennox tried on a costume a neighbor gave to Tiffany, because her son had out grown it.
It was a very cute costume, but Lennox would only keep it on long enough to get a few pictures.
Lennox modeling his Christmas present outfit I bought him last year, after coming home from picture day at day care.
One of the many melt downs we experience daily with our Nana boy.

One day Tiffany decided Lennox needed a hair cut. She was using hair clippers. The first swipe took off most of his hair, so he has a new look.
Tonight he is putting on a concert for us.
Introducing, Lennox James Ray.
Daddy Blake and Lennox practice before the show.
Show time!
The show lasted so long, that he needed to sit down to continue a song.
On break, Lennox made a costume change.
Get down, get down.
Groupie Nana is going hysterical, and can't wait for his autograph.
His new songs will be released soon.
TA DA! His favorite saying, since learned from grandma Cathy.
" Boy, ever since Mister Super Star Kid came on the scene, I lost my first place rating status", says Bella to me as I asked her to poise.

To all my friends, family, & bloggers, "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, and hope you all have a very Blessed time with your loved ones,. and if traveling, a safe trip."

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