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Monday, December 8, 2014

Downtown Nashville, TN.

                                            Saturday 10/25/2014

While in Nashville, Joe and I decided to check out the downtown area. We could have taken the shuttle from our campground, Two Rivers Campground, for $10 per person round trip, but I wanted to bring Mallery and of course dogs are not allowed on the shuttle. Neither of us had ever been in Nashville other than just passing through the city.
As soon as we got downtown we saw the pedal bars. I had never heard of these, but Joe said he had seen them on TV. The customers pedal the bar around town as they drink.
We found a free 15 minute parking along the river and parked to look around. Across the street Joe pointed out the Coyote Ugly Bar. Here again I had never heard of the bar, so Joe had to tell me it is based on the Coyote Ugly movie. He always say's, "You been living under a rock, how have you not heard about these things"! Since we have been in Gulf Shores, AL., we have been enjoying free movie channels from our Direct satellite company. I caught the Coyote Ugly movie recently, so now I understand the connection.
This back door to the bar also gets you to Dick's Last Resort Restaurant.
There is also a back door to the B.B. King Blues Club.
On the other side of the street is the General Jackson Showboat that cruises the Cumberland River.
Also along the river is Fort Nashborough.
The fort was presently under construction, so we didn't get to go in to see it.
Across the river is the Nashville Titans Stadium.
The show boat is an authentic paddle wheel boat and one of the biggest in the country. The boat has lunch and dinner cruises with live shows of entertainment.
We left the river boat area and found a parking lot in the downtown area.
We walked about 3 to 4 blocks to the main hub of the downtown of Nashville.
It was Saturday so the downtown was all a buzz!
I had Mallery in her stroller, and she was not enjoying all the music coming from the bars. I guess I should have left her at home, but because I had never been to downtown Nashville I didn't know what to expect. While we were in Nashville, we were having a heat wave of about the mid 80's. Mallery was not doing so well with the heat. When we took her for walks in the campground, she just stood there. Literally she didn't walk anywhere. After just standing for about 10 minutes she would lumber over to some grass and do her business. We had been having trouble with her eating also, so mother hen didn't want to leave her behind.
We strolled up and down the main street to get the flavor of the city.

The Nashville Party Barge went by with a group of hooting and hollering riders!
If you get tired of walking, you can catch a horse buggy ride for $30. Don't think Mallery would be too keen of the clip clop sounds either.
There are many breweries and restaurants to pick from including the Hark Rock Cafe up the block from this restaurant.
There were more cowboy boot shops in Nashville then in Fort Worth or Austin, Texas combined it seemed.
We found the front door to Coyote Ugly and I told Joe he could go down the stairs to check it out, but he passed. I guess I should have checked it out, to see if girls were dancing on the bars, but at the time I had not seen the movie yet, so I didn't know they did that! Mallery would hate all the noise, so someone had to stay outside.
This is the front side of Coyote Ugly, Dicks Last Resort and Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville. The city has done a great job keeping and restoring their old buildings.
The old spaghetti factory is also on this block.
Dick's Last Resort and Coyote Ugly building from their front doors.
The Nashville Party Barge has stopped for either drink or bathroom breaks.
They are still in their animal animated mode!
As we walked back to the parking lot, we saw a pedal bar waiting for more customers. One of the females sitting at the bar, hopped off her seat and had to come over to see Mallery. Everyone loves Mallery. If I could get a dollar for every "oh she is so cute" or can I pet her, I would be a rich women! I told her to be careful crossing the street. Once a mother always a mother. I didn't want the young drinking women (about my daughters age) to get hit by a car while coming to see my sweet Mallery!
We payed $5 for parking that day because when we pulled into the lot earlier, someone was leaving and said he would sell his ticket for 1/2 price. Joe jumped at it. To park in the lot all day is $10. We saved our self $15 by not taking the shuttle from the campground.
If you are going to stay in a hotel in downtown Nashville, you will want to stay as close to Broadway and 2nd Ave., where all the action is. Seems like a fun city to visit again some day without a pooch.

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