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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our Fourth Month of Our Snowbirding In Gulf Shores

                                                            February 2015
Before we put the motor home on the market, Joe took a look in the engine compartment and noticed the serpentine belt was frayed. We had it replaced 3 years ago, so Joe wondered why it was frayed. He found GSBP on Hwy 59 in Gulf Shores that said they could replace the belt for us.

The serviceman said there was a spur on one of the pulleys that had to be ground down which caused the fraying. Then a new belt was put on.
February 1st we had to move to another site in the park. We chose a site at the end of the park, one block from the start to the bike trails.

We've enjoyed some beautiful sunsets out our front window from this site.
This site is 449 and is a pull through which made it much easier to get in, compared to our first site.

Joe and I volunteered to watch Lennox 2 days a week after school until his mom gets home at 5:15. Alisha had volunteered to watch him every day after school along with her 2 kids, but she found out soon how much more difficult it was to watch 3 kids, instead of 2. I could see how it was wearing her out, so I stepped in to help. Here Lennox is hanging out with his Papa and trying to get him to play with his Angry Bird toys.
We had notice Mallery's cataracts were getting worse very quickly. She use to get up and down from the couch by herself, but now she can't seem to see well enough to get down by herself. After doing a search on the internet I found out predisone will cause cataracts or make them worse, as well as lowering the immune system and cause breathing problems if taken off too quickly. There are many other side effects of predisone, so if you can get your dog off the medicine as soon as possible it is better for them. So far she has been off it now for 7 days.

Our church had a craft class for the snowbird season. I saw a picture like this on display at the church for the next craft classes. The teacher convinced me I could paint one too, so I invited my oldest granddaughter Hayleah to come along and we both painted a beach scene on the 3 wood boards that were mounted together. This is the one I painted. The clouds were the part that caused the most struggle for me.

On another Tuesday morning Lennox and I made this shell frame.  I had Lennox that day, (there was no school that day) so he came with me. Lennox insisted he wanted to do the glue gun, which I felt was not the best idea. Somehow we managed together to put this fame together. I put a picture of Maddie, Noah and Lennox in the frame.

After craft class Lennox rode his bike as I walked or occassionally ran next to him down the block and back. He is not a long distance rider yet! We also took a short hike on a trail. Because it was cold out I had to dig through my small selection of hats and mittens to find something for him to wear. When his dad dropped him off that morning, his dad said he had brought a hat with him, but they couldn't find it in the car when they arrived at our Nest. They had stopped at a gas station, so he thought maybe Lennox lost it there.

He has lost his four front teeth right now, and is waiting for his new permanent teeth to come in.

At age 6 they have quiet the imagination and can find all kinds of ways to amuse them self.
He was acting like a Ninja on the picnic table. He kept wanting to jump off the table with the stick. I told him if he did, the stick would be gone. In the end he just couldn't help him self and jumped off the picnic table with the stick. The stick was gone there after, and he cried and was mad at his Nana. I am very over protective, especially with my kid's kid's.
After getting over the lost of his stick, he wanted to take pictures of me.

Now I have  not been crazy about being photographed lately, but he did a great job of missing most of me which helped! My hat was knitted by Joe's mother Kay. She dug out her old yarn a year or so ago and made some hats out of them. I am glad she gave me one because I didn't pack any winter hats when we started our "Big Adventure" 7 years ago.

Great pictures, don't you think for a 6 year old!

On another day we watched Maddie while her mom had to take care of some business. Maddie asked if I would read to her.

I came to find out all I had to do was to push a different color button for each story at just the right time, that started a recording of someone reading the book for her. After 4 books of Nana pushing buttons, she asked me to read the last two books the old fashion way. Thank goodness for getting to read to her the old fashion way!

Our time In Gulf Shores has flown by very quickly. It is amazing how fast time flies!

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