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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Round Three Guest Part 2

                                                    Saturday 9/5/2015
I continue with our time with my family visit. Here is my sister Nancy's husband "Farmer Jim" making a cucumber, tomatoes, and onion salad from his garden. It was awesome, but boy does he make a mess in the kitchen. I have always been a messy cook also using tons of utensils, but Jim beats me in the "Big Messy Cook" award!
If you have been following us for a while, you know Mallery is almost blind from cataracts. She falls out of bed because of her limitations, hence the bed rails. She is a morning sleeper, so she sleeps way past Joe and I getting out of bed in the AM. I have to keep an eye on her, to make sure she doesn't fall off the bottom of the bed, so I attach her leash to our two pillows.
She usually barks to let us know she has woke up and wants someone to come get her. Here, she still has her blanket on top of her!
Jim and Nancy met each other at the YMCA, swimming laps. Here Jim was up early and down at the lake, doing his laps, with Nancy soon to follow. We were amazed how many laps they both could do.
While Jim was swimming, a sailboat race developed out on the lake.
With the weather being gorgeous (in the high 80's), after lunch it was time to cool off. A little wave from my mom, while hiding behind her hat and sun glasses! There were a ton of boats on the lake this day, so I did my due diligence and warned Joe of every boat that was nearby. You know, the front seat driver. I know Joe really appreciates my help.
Me and my two favorite sisters. Just a note, don't be the one closes to the camera on the end, because you always look the fattest. ( A fact I learned from my photographer daughter). What I do out of love for my sisters! Gosh I am such a good sister.
We bought a growler of Root Beer Beer for our guest from the Petoskey Brewing. This beer has 10% alcohol, so it is not a weak beer, but doesn't taste like it. It wasn't quite the hit we thought it would be. My mom likes Joe's new beer find, a tea beer! I don't think the beer was cold enough because we poured it into large plastic glasses. Next time I will pour into frosted glasses!
Another morning view of our "Sleeping Beauty".

Not a morning girl at all.!
The constant stress of weeks of visitors was not easy on Mallery. Her subcutaneous fluid administration treatments quickly returned to every other day or daily with all the confusion, starting with Joe's family through my family. She seems to be doing a little better after a month of normalcy.
September was one of my best months up North, with calm warm days on the water after Labor Day weekend.

After all the company left, Joe and I dug into the garage full of boxed stuff that had been stored in storage for 6 years. I just wanted all the stuff to go away. After a week of discovering stuff we forgot we had, Joe set up our garage for a sale.
Mallery enjoyed the front yard and the quiet house once again, as well as we have, when not working in the garage.


  1. Have enjoyed seeing all the family visits. Diane you say you look fat in the photo with your 2 sisters, I was thinking you have great legs and you look a lot better than most women our age. Joe is a lucky guy! +_+ I never get tired of seeing Mallery on the grass in her own fenced yard. She is so precious sleeping safe and secure in the bed you so lovingly prepare for her. Oh also you did a great job on the bathroom remodel. I'm going to copy a few of the things you did when I redo my master. I thought you wouldn't mind since I'm way out west in California lol I continue to pray for Mallery . Enjoy the great weather on that beautiful lake. Bless you Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie, You are so sweet, but you know you women, we are never happy with our looks or size. I know a few women who love their bodies even when they are bigger. I wish I had that confidence, must be very freeing! You are so welcome to use any ideas I put in our bathroom. I don't think anyone will know, He He, besides its just a compliment anyway. Thanks for always for keeping Mallery in your prayers, she does really need them. Hope you had a wonderful summer and are having a nice fall. Take care. God Bless Diane