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Friday, December 4, 2015

Another Walk, Beautiful Days, Health Updates

                                                        Sunday 11/1/15
This fall allowed us some time to get out and walk, which we had let go all summer, due to many other events.

On this walk we headed west, walking along Lakeshore Rd. Once we got to Whiting Park, we dipped down to the lake.

The lake looks so different with all the docks and boats gone. We were glad we were able to stay longer this year.
Last year we left Oct 13, a week before the trees had reached their peak color.
We left the lake and walked across Lakeshore Rd to the park across the road. By then my feet were going to sleep, so we had to take a 5 minute break.
We were missing the best weather that Gulf Shores, AL, our winter destination, has to offer, but we were really enjoying the cool, colorful, peaceful fall in the Northern woods of Michigan. I have missed the fall season, which has always been one of my favorite times of year.

Mean while , we were still trying to make decisions on cabinets, counter tops and all the rest. It would be a heck of a lot easier to just hire an interior decorator.

During October and November, I had 3 appointments with an urologist to have my bladder checked. I have been having problems with not being able to go to the bathroom if I held it too long ( especially at night) which ended up sending me to the hospital to be catheterized. Yes fun stuff! I wanted to make sure it wasn't my bladder that was giving me the trouble. After two test, I was told I had a good functioning bladder. My bladder was not causing my problems. I didn't suspect it was, but wanted to make sure before having a hysterectomy or abdominal myomectomy. I have a uterine fibroid that is very large which is now confirmed to be the culprit. The fibroid needs to go! I stopped my hormone replacement, which seems to make the fibroid grow, until I can have surgery. Because I can not live without hormones, (can't sleep, and aches and pains) my daughter suggested essential oils. I'm thinking , "How can oils help all my problems?" I got online and ordered some samples. To my surprise they took the edge off. I am not sleeping as good as I do on hormones, but better without anything. For now it is the solution. I had decided to have surgery before we headed south. I made an appointment, but because it was so close to our leaving date, and we had so much unfinished things to do, it was creating a lot of anxiety. A week before the surgery, I canceled. I guess I will do it in the spring, when we come back.

These are the supplements Mallery is taking. I would not recommend anyone who is working, to do what I have with Mallery. I feel like I am her full time nurse. I love Mallery and don't regret my choices, but she does require a lot of time and patience.  With her eye sight almost gone and her kidney's failing, she needs a lot of attention. Most of my day is sleeping in to get caught up on the sleep I didn't get the night before, or taking
Mallery to the potty box (at night) or outside (at day), so she can relieve herself (she goes very frequently) I usually get maybe 3 hours a day to do something else that needs to be done.

The maple and birch trees had lost all their leaves by now, and the weeping willow had turned yellow.
We missed the birch and the weeping willow change colors last year because we left too early. Joe mulched all the leaves with the mower, negating the job of racking.

Beautiful day on Lake Charlevoix this day with the great weather, calm waters and beautiful cloud formations.
A little piece of "Heaven" on earth to us.
Mallery was still enjoying her yard, even though she seemed to have more confusion.
At least she was in a familiar place, which worried us about our upcoming time in Gulf Shores, AL., another new place for her.

I have been giving her daily massages 2 x a day with essential oils that have known properties to shrink tumors and increase her immune system.
She loves the massages, but not crazy about the essential oil smells.

On November 4 we had a gorgeous day for this far north.

A picture of a sunrise after laying in bed for hours awake. This is my Blessing for getting up early.
Ten minutes after the sunrise, this was my view with my cup of tea.
Joe, Mallery and I left Michigan on November 29 for Alabama. Joe had planned to be hitting the road by 10AM. It didn't happen, with everything I need to do for Mallery, besides everything that needs to be done to close up our cottage. We left town at 2PM instead, making it a very short driving day. We stopped just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and stayed at the Grandvillage Inn, in Grandville. (Sorry for all the details, but I do it for our record keeping). On the 30th we got a much earlier start, at 9AM and drove 9 hours to the Red Roof Inn in Bowling Green, KY. The last hour was in the rain in the dark. Joe wanted to make up some time. On December 1, we left at 9:30 AM and it rained off and on most the morning. Nashville was hectic, like it always is, and we came upon a car / semi accident waiting for the ambulance. On the south side of Biringham, AL., we finally got out of the rain. We arrived in Gulf Shores, AL., after driving the last 1 1/2 hours in the dark. Joe and I don't like night driving anymore, due to aging eyes. Mallery did pretty well for being in motels for 2 nights, considering her situation. We hope she will adjust quickly to our our new home away from home, in Gulf Shores, AL.

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