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Monday, February 20, 2017

June Bug's 90th Birthday Celebration Part 2

                                                        October 1, 2016

After the Sneakers Sports and Grill lunch Birthday Party for mom, we all went back to the Marriott Hotel. It was free time for what ever everyone wanted to do. Some went swimming in the ocean. Tiffany and Traci were way out in the deep, making mama bear  (me) very nervous about undertows and sharks. The waves were very large with Hurricane Matthew just a couple days away. And there had been a lot of shark attacks along the Atlantic Ocean side this year.
I also kept my eye on Lennox even though his dad was right with him.

From the left to right: Karen (my big sister,) me, Birthday Girl June Bug, and Nancy (my little sister).

Nancy and Jim

My nephew Dustin and his son Bentley (5) and girlfriend Ashley, and Bentley's step sister Alena.
Alena, Nancy and Bentley (5).

Madalena, Hayleah, Noah, (grandkids) and Alisha  (my oldest daughter).
My mother June, 90 years young now!

After beach and pool time, most people went back to their rooms and ordered pizza delivery or take out, then enjoyed some quiet time. I had ate at the $15 breakfast buffet at the hotel that morning, like many had, and then lunch at Sneakers, so I just grabbed a snack at the restaurant small grocery store and called it dinner.  

 I stole this pictures of my daughter and grand kids she sent to my phone. Alisha's husband Jamie, was unable to come to this family gathering because he was still recovering from his double knee cap tendon ruptures/tears and surgery incurred from jumping at a local trampoline business. He was still using a walker and barely getting around.

Around 5 PM mom, Tiffany, (my youngest daughter) and I  were hanging out on the patio for Happy Hour. Mom had a V-8, but some how it landed on her, the chair and the floor. "Call the clean up service"!
" We cut her off on all cocktails (even V-8), but we though she was safe with Cheetos"!  Family ppictures in our Grandma June's Birthday T-shirts and eating  Birthday cake was planned for 6:00 PM.  The group, who didn't wait and go out to eat the night before with everyone else to Poe's, decided they were going out for dinner this night. (refer to older blog button below to read about this story) At 6:00, we were still waiting for them to return from dinner. The below video was a  message from mom that I sent them.

At 6:10, we got the family together, trying to practice with a selfie stick for our family picture while still waiting for the last family members. The sun was setting, and we wanted a picture before it set. A nice gentlemen asked if he could take our picture. Sure we said. Right after this picture, Traci's girls, Falon and Cairy's showed up, so I suggested we take another picture with them in it. Traci said no, lets wait for the rest of the group. (8 of our group are missing from this picture)
While we waited, the kids watch a guy who was operating a drone.
He showed them how it worked.

We were glad he was entertaining them while we waited.

The rest of the group showed up after the sun set and not in their T- shirts. They were more concerned if someone had got some utensils and plates for the cake. The cake and dinnerware were their responsibility. The sun had set so we asked if we could use a reception room for the picture and cake. They told it was set up for a wedding, but being kind, they started to move things around. Some of us felt this was rude to expect the hotel  to move things around for us, because of others who didn't plan accordingly.  I won't go any further with this story, except to say there were many words exchanged leaving hurt and angry feelings. Half of us ended up calling it a night because of  the emotional out burst and to end the disagreement. So much for a birthday cake let alone a family picture!                              
After putting this pictures in the blog, I realized, we also failed to get pictures of mom and her 6 grandchildren, and another with her 8 great-grandchildren. I don't know if we will ever have the opportunity again to get these pictures. Getting a family of 23 organized is like herding cats!

My sweet granddaughter Hayleah, woke up at 4 AM, so she could drive me to the airport 45 minutes away. Her extra effort saved me $70 in taxi fees for my early morning flight. Thank you so much Hayleah for  being such a sweet and considerate granddaughter.
 I never got to say good bye to my mom or other members of the family because of the frustration that built up and spewed out the evening before

                                                                   October 2, 2016
 My flight left from Jacksonville, FL. to Atlanta, GA.
Cool area in the airport in Atlanta.

As you walk through this area, you could hear birds chirping and see them flying by. In the video below was of a corridor connecting two terminals in the Detroit Metro Airport, that my Atlanta flight flew to.  I really enjoyed these new (to me) looks in the airports.

From Detroit Metro Airport I flew to Traverse City. Our smaller jet flew through at least 30 minutes, if not longer, dense thick cloud. I was so glad to be finally back on the ground. I use to enjoy flying, but I have had several flights that has caused me anxiety.

This is the logo on the T-shirt that Alisha designed: Grandma June's Wild Ride 90 years.

 My mom was a single mother for 3 girls, when there were very few single mom's. Her oldest daughter Karen, was in a boating accident and became a double amputee at age 16. She had to deal with 3 not so thoughtful and sometimes selfish teenagers by herself. We didn't have much, but mom made sure we had everything we really needed. From there she became the Matriarch of 6 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren. She was always there for us, being the after school babysitter for Hayleah and putting down payments for homes, for myself and my sisters when we became single moms.  My mom sacrificed throughout her life for us, like all mothers do. (Hence June Wild Ride 90 Years)
When mom visited us this August in our Michigan home, the last thing she said to me before she left was, " You don't need to come to Jacksonville, Fl. for my 90th Birthday Party. I see Mallery is going to live forever." My 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier, Mallery, had been many health issues which I had been nursing for almost 2 years. Truth be told, from the time we started planning hotel rooms and flights in July for her party, I had been stressing about leaving Mallery. The only person I felt comfortable leaving her with, was Joe. In June I had flown to my daughters to help care for her after a surgery. Because I was going to be gone so long, I took Mallery.  She had never flown before, and because her health had deteriorate considerably from that flights there and back, I knew she could not fly again. After mom left our home, Mallery stopped eating all foods except crackers. We took her to the veterinary to find she had yet another health issue. I knew I could not leave her with Joe this time. I was unsure how he would handle the sleepless nights. I had struggled with that and knew how wearing it could be. Worst yet, I could get a call from him, telling me Mallery needed to be put down. Ultimately, I was the Alpha dog and she depended on me. I knew she felt my pain; choosing between my mom and my much loved girl friend. Mallery continued a downward spiral forcing me to put her down. She knew I could not put her before my mom. She knew this because I was her mom. The mother daughter bond is strong wheather human or dog. She gave me a month to bury her and morn her before I had to fly to Jacksonville, Fl for my mom's 90th Birthday. My mom sacrificed all her life for me and my sisters. Mallery sacrificed herself for me, and I sacrificed Mallery for my mom. Life is  all about sacrifices. 

John 3:16 "For God so Loved the World, that he gave His only Son that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.
 1John 3:16 " This is how we know what Love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for others.
John 15:13 "Greater Love has no one than this: that he lay down his life for his friend.
 God, Jesus, and Mallery had no greater Love, there for, the least we all can do is learn to scarifies for others! 

John 15:12, "My command is this: Love each other as I have Loved you.

My mom forgave all of us, as mothers do, for the disrespect, selfishness, and unkind words to each other. She forgave us the minute it happened. After all, that is why she has made it to 90, from the "Wild Ride" of learning to roll with the punches! 

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  1. Hi Diane, Your family is just like all of ours. The first 2 days my sister was here visiting for Christmas(she lives in Alaska) there was lots of heated words between her and my brother over President Trump. My brother and I voted for him and my sister was for Hillary. I felt like I was the referee and mediator and it was very stressful to say the least. He lives here in Eureka and he left and went home twice because of the fighting. They did good on the last 2 days of the visit though. In my experience these sort of flare ups are very common in families. We can choose our friends but not our family and just because we are family doesn't always mean we get along as well as we do with our friends. In the end you all did make the effort to travel to the party and that's all that mattered to your Mom. Your kitchen is beautiful, I love your style! By the way did you get my last post(the one about my girlfriends cat passing away?) Bless you Leslie +_+

    1. Hi Leslie, You are so right about family and friends. We have the same situation in our family with politics, and it is a under current frustration. And many times words flare to! Yes I got the message about your friend's cat. Here is the reply I posted in response. I copied and pasted it here so you wouldn't have to look back: "I am so sorry. Was it sudden or did she have to put her cat down? Hi Leslie, Sorry I missed your comment. Blogger has change a few things, making the set up a bit different and not seeing the comments as easily.Unfortunately my husband and mom are electronic challenged so neither of them know how to use my phone let alone the video.He he! Tell your friend Jody, I am so sorry for her loss. I really feel her pain. When you are in the club of calling your pet your "Best Friend", it can take a long time to get over your loss, if ever. I still tear up when ever I think of Mallery, and have heard some people say you never really get over missing them. I agree with you that certain pet/owner bonds are extremely strong that really cant be compared to any human person. People are people with their flaws, but animals are gifts from God. I think he knew we needed unconditional Love like Jesus gives us.I love that Jody and Jack even sound like a perfect match. I will add Jody into my prayers because I know the loss she has and will feel for a while. The only thing that give me joy is knowing Mallery and all pets that go to heaven, is they no longer feel pain and are free to run, see and be happy again. Take care and thanks for sharing about your friend".