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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wrapping Up January, and Moving Into February

                                                    January 24, 2017

Normally, Gulf Shores beaches don't have many shells, but this day we woke up to lots and lots of shells. Many were broke, and most were small, but still a lot more than normal. There were a few gems to be found.

My grand daughter Madalena and grandson Noah joined the swim team this year. But Noah dropped out after being on the team for the first session. Maddie stayed on the team. She is in Kindergarten and so tiny for her age. (One one on the end)
I put my 3 younger grand kids in swim classes for the last couple years, and what an improvement they have made, but Madalena has improved the most with her being on the swim team.

Here is Maddy with her obsession with glasses. Her mom had the same obsession at her age. Didn't know glasses obsession was an inherent gene!

Usually the gulf is not calm with no wave action but this AM. It was like glass. It reminded me of back home on the lake with most sunrises and sunsets.
I put Lennox back in swim class this year. Madelena and Noah  didn't need lesson since they had been swimming all fall on the swim team. Below is Lennox (on the end in baby blue swim trunks) organizing a synchronized pool jump with his class.

Another sand shelve made over night from the tides.
 February  3, 2017  
We came across  what looked to be an attempted to build a very large moat and castle. Can't blame them for not building the castle after all that digging of the moat!

A nice February walk with my Nana Boy 2 Lennox.
A February evening of clouds.

Storms can be beautiful and intriguing in their own right.
February 9 
We were on our way back to Gulf Shores. We had driven 3 hours NE the day before to Dothan, Florida, so I could see a holistic dentist. My regular dentist back home in Boyne City had recommended a crown. The only problem was to get the crown out, the original filling had to be removed which was mercury. Being a retired hygienist, I was trained that mercury fillings were the best, being the strongest and long lasting. Unfortunately, after being a dental hygienist for 15 years, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. After working as a hygienist for a year in extreme pain, I was forced to retire. Since then, I have been searching for what causes Fibromyalgia. The only thing, I know for sure is it is caused by a toxic body. For the last 10 years I have tried to clean and detox my body. Most dentists believe that mercury filings are not harmful, but some believe they are extreme harmful. I had my mercury filing remove by Dr Pfister. He has special equipment that took out the filing making sure I didn't or anyone else in the room inhale the vapor fumes of the mercury. Because the exam,  removal of filling, and crown could not be done in one day we had to stay in a hotel for the night. I have one more amalgam filing to be removed, which I will have done next winter. But be aware, a lot of the procedures are not covered with insurance. My bill was pretty hefty. The crown and exam should be covered. Unfortunately it still hasn't gone through because the dental office made a few mistakes filling it and I had to do it myself just recently. To me health is worth the cost. There are many sites on the web about the dangers of amalgam fillings. Here are just a couple: http://amalgam.org/education/scientific-evidenceresearch/results-removal-amalgam-fillings/  and https://iaomt.org/safe-removal-amalgam-fillings/ 

On another day, we walked over to see a house for sale just a few blocks from our condo. It is an adorable house, but I think I am a condo lover while in the south. The main reason we took a look at this place is because our son in law, Blake, just became a Real Estate agent when his previous employer sold the business and the new owner wanted to start out with all new employees. He was having an open house.

As we got closer to March, the beaches started to get more crowded. Love this picture of a father chasing his little girl on the beach!
We started see more women in swim suits and shirtless guys.
On this evening we had the most spectacular sunset views

as we walked the beach.

Enjoy the walk.

It was a warm evening,

and walking barefoot in the water with this view was like
what Heaven must almost must be like.

Sorry so many pictures, but I had a hard time picking between them.
Believe it or not, I did remove many more.

During the evening we could see how many condo's in our building were actually rented out to snowbirds.

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