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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crystal Rivers, Fl / Elite Resorts


Left Inglis and headed south to Wal-Mart, in Homosassa, Fl. We did some shopping, and just kicked back and enjoyed a free evening of Wal-Mart traffic noise.


Left Wal-Mart and headed to our new campground, that we have reserved for a month. We set up on site 302 at Elite Resorts in Crystal Rivers, Fl, just 5 miles north of Homosassa, Fl. This is a multilevel campground, with many campsites in a valley, another level of sites above the valley sites, and then upper level of sites on top of a hill. There is a total of 450 sites. We are paying $17.58 a night, because we are staying here a month. Daily rates are $40 a night til April 1 and then it drops to $32 a night. After we arrived, Joe did the whole shebang set up. All the awning came out, (only one other time, have we had the main awning out - this time all awnings on all the windows came out), tire covers on, and the floor mat is out, with chairs put out under the awning. While he set up outside, I set up, on the inside and checked out the Internet connection. With our Sprint card, we had zero percent connection. We picked this park because we were told all sites had wifi. I connected to the wifi, and it was at 10 percent, with an occasional minute at 20 percent. I called the office and talked to a camp host, and he told me, all sites have a strong connection, and it must be my computer. He also said he was located way back in the corner of the park, the farthest from the bathroom where the tower is located, and he had a strong connection! He said we were just 7 sites from the bathroom, and should be getting a much better signal than him. Joe came in and told me to forget it for now. Maybe the signal will get better later.

Internet worked good this morning, for while. I didn't check the percent, I was just happy it was moving along, and got some stuff done while I could. We are located on the top level of the campground. After lunch, we took a walk around the park. Mallery was walking way to slow, and at this rate, no one is getting any exercise. We went back to get the stroller and continued our walk, with Mallery riding and us getting some exercise. The temperature is in the high 70's today. After our walk, Joe decided to go down to the pool to cool off, and I stayed at home and did some catch up things. While Joe was gone, I tried to use the computer, but was unsuccessful due to the 10 percent connection again. Again I called the office, and they said, there are probably lots of people on the Internet, and that can slow it down. Not a happy camper. And we are going to be here a month!


This morning Joe and I drove around the park with the laptop, trying to find a strong signal. Sure enough, way in the back corner sites, where the camp host lives in his RV, who I talked on the phone about this issue, had 80 percent connection. We could not figure out why some sites were better than others. The sites right next to the bathrooms had 100 percent, but just 7 sites away around the corner, where we were, we had only 10 percent. We found a site in the middle level with 80 to 100 percent connection. Once we found this site, we checked our phones to make sure we had at least 3 bars, then called the office to see if we could move to this site, # 240. With the OK, it took us 2 hours to pack up and then re set up at site 240. Our new yard is more shady, which makes our move even better, since temps are in the low 80's. After lunch Joe drove into town to set up mail delivery at the Post Office as they do not take mail at the park. I stayed home, and did some cleaning while he was gone. Now that we are here for a month, we plan on doing boring stuff like cleaning out stuff in the basement (what the storage is called below the bus). When we sold our house, we had very little time to go though some stuff. So I boxed it up, thinking I would have time to go though it, while traveling. With the constant moving and sightseeing, I've not been able to do so. This month is dedicated to doing that, and other reading and finally having enough Internet connection to catch up with our church services that are on line. If we do something fun or exciting, I will blog it, to share it with you all. So if you do not hear from us for awhile, not to worry, we are just doing some catch up.


Today we did many things- catch up work- and went and enjoyed the pool ( year round heated at 82 degrees). It is in the 80's today also. Take care, be back soon. Diane, Joe & Mallery.

Gated community

Our new yard - Site 240

Rec. room

side of rec. room with pool in Lanai
Pool with a Lanai

Jacuzzi - (not me in jacuzzi)

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