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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Keaton Beach, FL-Old Pavillion RV Park


Pack up and left our cheap "digs", (kind of a dive), but keeping us on our budget! Headed south to Perry Fl, then south west to Keaton Beach on the Gulf. The town is a very small community, for tourist and fishing. The park was a nice small park of about 20 permanent trailers and 5th wheels, and 15 transient sites facing the ocean. The highs were in the low 60's today. After setting up, we drove around to the small beach, fishing pier, and an island call Dark Island. The island had the ocean on the front side of the homes and a canal on the backside of the homes, for dock and boats. A really nice home cost $900,000.00, and a small cottage cost $425,000.00. The cheapest we've seen for ocean front property.

Tide is out. When tide is in, water comes to the rocks.

Looking at small beach from pavillionSmall beachOld Pavillion RV Park from pavillion next to small beach
Fishing pier next to beach. Off in distance, canal going through small community
Poles decorated out front our window - tide out


  1. this is awesome!((:

    - haley && aubree!(:

  2. its so nice to see keaton beach anytime.