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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hershey Thousand Trails Campground 6/18/11

We headed back up the road a piece, because our 3 day stay was up. 

Our next campground is just west of Lebanon, PA. Beautiful farmland in this area.

We traveled maybe about 20 minutes NW of our last stay.

We turned onto a country road, then into woods. Not woods again!

There's our sign.

Joe had done some research on this campground. Everyone who reviewed it, said it was a very nice campground except for one thing. They all said there were too many geese. And there they were, some geese to greet us at the gate

Someone is finally at the gate!

We picked out site C-38, a pull through. ( for some reason this picture and the next one make's our RV and car very short looking)

The park was very nice. Not too woodsy at all.

The only problem was we forgot to check our cell service until we got everything set up. We had no service. Put when I walked up to the top of the hill ( I am only 1/2 way up the hill in this picture), we got a signal. You would think after 2 1/2 years of doing this, we would have this all figured out. Our white Honda is in front of the white car. We are parked behind our Honda.

A very nice tennis court.

A very nice pool.

A nice playground next to the pool.

A nice pavilion. I was looking out the back windows of the pavilion, when I took the pictures of the pool.

This is a view of the family center, store, rec room and grill next to the pavilion.

Mallery and I hung outside while Joe checked out what the store carried.

Another picture of the pavilion from further away. It was a bit gloomy that day, but no rain.

I started to go down to the lake, but I found there was geese poop everywhere. I was going to go to the dock to take a  picture from a farther distance, but I changed my mind. this will have to do.

The lake is very small, more like a pond. It had a boat and canoe you could rent, if you dare walk through the mine field of poop.

There was a volley ball court, but there was geese poop all  over it too. I don't think, I would want to dive for a ball  in that sand.

Back of the pavilion and family center.

After seeing the pool and family center, we walked up a hill to another section of the park. There was a great cell signal there too. I am sure you could get Verizon through out the park, but if you have T- Mobile, it is not the case. We have been thinking of getting Verizon, but we heard that AT& T might be buying  T-Mobile out. We want to see if they do, and what kind of service we would have with them, if it goes through.

The next day I looked out our window and saw all these geese in our neighbors yard. This picture also give you an  idea how far you are from your neighbors.

I looked to the left and there are  more. But there are some cute baby ones at least.

Later that day we walked around the campground to the other side of the lake. As you can see there are a lot of you know what.

The park has a nice basketball court, but it has geese poop all over it also. I agree with the other's who said there are too many geese. but I don't know what you do about it.

Here is a pretty view of the campground across from the lake. Our site is to the far left of the picture and lake. This campground has about 300 sites. Joe and I are happy with the park, we never use all the facilities anyway. All we ever want is space, utilities, safety, paved roads, and a cheep price. It doesn't take much to make us happy campers!

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