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Monday, June 6, 2011

Outer Banks to Williamsburg, VA 5/31/2011

We left the Outer Banks to inland North Carolina. The previous night was a  very rough one. It was a brutally warm night to be in a no hook up campground. Mallery had a rough time all night with hacking to the point of throwing up, and wheezing with every breath in and out. The campground was filled with smoke from campfires, that filtered into our bedroom windows. I finally went outside with a flashlight in hand to find who had the campfire going, because campfires are not allowed in the campground. After not finding a fire, I realized, the smoke was drifting over from the beach, where campfires are allowed. I went out in the living room and slept on the couch with Mallery, so Joe could get some sleep. I was up with Mallery several times giving her Benadryl and medicines veterinarians had given us for her episodes.I gave her two different medicines, not knowing if it would over does her, because she was having such a time with being able to breath. It was a pretty scary night for Mallery and myself. The heat, smoke, anxiety, and over doing of panting had cause major trachea irritation and collapsing. Her episodes were the worst she has ever had. Joe was right, I should have left her home the day before on our last day trip to Corolla, NC. I was so glad we were traveling this day, so we could get Mallery cooled down. After about a hour and a half drive, we entered into Virginia. This is a new state for me. Joe had been here in his early twenties, when he traveled up the intercostal waterway with his Uncle Don.

As we drove in Norfolk, close to the Chesapeake Bay, we notice that the air was very polluted and hazy.

We entered into the tunnel that goes under the Chesapeake Bay.

It was very tight. I told Joe to stay close to the center line. This was Joe's second experience driving the Nest through a tunnel. The first being under Mobile Bay.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Virginia is very woodsy.

Our new back yard is the Outdoor World Campground in Williamsburg, VA.

The temperature was 100 degrees when we arrived, according to the internet.

Our new address was B 43 Outdoor World, Williamsburg, VA. Mallery slept most of the way on our trip to Williamsburg in my arms. She slept so well during our drive that her wheezing stopped, while she slept.

I didn't take the picture of our yard, until our departure day. The first two days in Williamsburg were 100 degrees, and I didn't want to be outside any longer than I needed. The campground had a very nice pool and rec. room. It also had a small miniature golf course.

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