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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lake Mohave, AZ.

Monday 3/19/2012

On this day we drove north on Hwy. 68 for a couple miles then turned left onto the Davis Dam RD.

The weather was warming up again, the sun was out, and there was a lot less wind.

 We entered into the pay station of Lake Mohave and found the price for a car was $10.00 for the day. When we realized the park was a Federal Park we decided to buy an annual National Parks membership for $80.00. We have plans to visit many National Parks this summer, so we will save a lot with the membership.

Lake Mohave is a reservoir formed by the Davis Dam and the Colorado River.

There are two resort areas on Lake Mohave. This is Lake Mohave Resort. Up river is the Cottonwood Cove Resort. Both have camping, lodging, restaurants, boat gas and a store.

Lake Mohave is about 67 miles down river from Hoover Dam.

The water clarity is unbelievable.

There is a large marina at the Lake Mohave Resort.

This lake and the adjacent land on both sides of it makes up the Lake Mead National Recreational Area.

We walked up a path by the boat service and repair building trying to find a way out to the docks, but only came to a dead end with a small dock.

I watch the ducks and was in awe of  how clear the water was.

Standing on the dock , and looking out to the boat dock.

The water was pretty deep here and you could see the bottom very clearly.

I have never seen a duck this color. I guess I'll check my bird book. I couldn't find a picture of this duck. It must be a juvenile duck and doesn't have it's colors yet.

We find another dock, but it has a locked gate, and we don't have a key.

We walked over to the Marina Store.

There are two docks at the marina that visitors can walk out on. This is Marina 2 dock.

A little girl was feeding the ducks and 


Or should I say Carp.

That one looks like a shark! Just kidding.

Looking back at the store marina.

You can rent ski boats for $137.00 for 2 hours, $206.00 for 4 hours or $313.00 for all day. All of these also have a $275.00 deposit. You can have up to 6 people in the boat.

You can rent a fishing boat for 2 hours for $62.00, or 4 hours for $73.00, or all day for $115.00. There is a $90.00 deposit on the fishing boats. You can have up to 5 people in these boats.

The patio boats rent for 2 hours at $115.00, or 4 hours at $158.00, or all day at $249.00. There is a deposit of $215.00 for the patio boats with a maximum of 10 people. Joe and I decided if we ever rented a boat we would find another couple to defray the expenses.

This is Marina1dock you can walk out on also.

Lake Mohave is bigger, clearer, and less congested than Lake Havasu.

It was a beautiful day, as I looked back to the shore.

We left the marina area and drove up a side road with in the park.

First we drove down North Telephone Cove.

This area is a overflow boat ramp.

There is a beach across the way. I think it is called Nevada Telephone Cove from maps I've looked at.

This is a map of the Lake Mead National Recreational Area. We are at the very bottom of the map.

Closer view of the map where we were that day.

The map was at the South Telephone Cove, just south of the North Telephone Cove.

It is a swimming area. No dogs are allowed.

The swimming area goes way out because it stays shallow for quite a distance.

There was only one group of people on the beach.

A look back to the parking area.

A perfect private swimming cove.

It looked like rain on the Nevada side of the park.

Next we drove up to Princess Cove.

A look north

A look east.

A look south.

There was a very steep boat ramp there also.

We headed back,

and made a stop at Cabin Site Rd.

This is the first cove after Lake Mohave Resort. We missed it, so we stopped on our way back. I read this is a favorite for scuba divers because it has a van, a bus, and two boats to dive to.

This cove has a couple bathrooms, but not much parking or shore space. The information I read, said to get there early on weekends.

We left the park area and made one more stop.

This is the very south end of Lake Mohave.

We walked out on Davis Dam and looked down toward Lauglin, NV. and Bullhead City, AZ. Davis Dam was built in 1953 to form Lake Mohave. Hoover Dam to the north was built in !935.
We left yesterday and arrive in Pahrump, NV. We will stay here for 2 weeks. 

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