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Sunday, March 18, 2012

On The Road To Bullhead City, AZ. & Ridgeview RV Resort


We left Ehrenberg, AZ. on Wednesday, and headed straight north. We were told there were two ways to go to Bullhead City, AZ. from where we were.

We took  Hwy 95 a 2 lane road. We were told it was scenic and a good road.

We are in the desert and it is green. What gives?

With the Colorado River flowing through this area, there are irrigation ditches everywhere providing water for growing hay, and other crops.

We start to enter the scenic area south of Lake Havasu City.

There were a lot of RV parks along this route.

The other route was on the California side of the Colorado River. We were told it is a faster route but not as scenic.

The road was good and we would take it again.

The housing area ahead was perched looking over river,

and some homes on the river.

Further up, there were more RV resorts.

I really enjoyed this drive.
This is a picture as I looked back through the window above the couch.
I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the window above the couch for this picture.

A close up of the previous picture. The water is really that blue looking!

Further up the road was this tributary going east.

This was a BLM area, or a Bureau Of Land Management which means to RVers, boon docking.

More BML land.

We drive into Lake Havasu City.

Lake Havasu City has a population of 55,657, and sits at 735 ft.

We stopped at Lowe's for lunch.

There was a Walmart Super Center further up the road we could have stopped at but the GPS said the closest Walmart was 48 miles away. The GPS is wrong many times.

The temperature was in the mid eighty's that day.

After lunch we took off again. There were signs that said to watch out for wild burro's along the road.

More BLM land. If we had know there were so many boon docking areas, we might have stopped for a few days.

We turned onto I-40 for about 30 miles,

and entered into California and the Pacific Time Zone.

After driving through most of Bullhead City we missed our turned into our RV resort. The GPS said we had .05 more miles to go as we past our RV resort. I thought this was another park and ours was just up the road.

We found a place to get turned around and got back to the entrance of Ridgeview RV Resort.

Nice entrance!

" Oh good they have a water machine at the office".

We asked for a site on the hill.

I am getting so good at backing Joe into our site. First try and perfectly next to the cement slab with 2 inches to spare.  Just in time to enjoy the sun going down!

The site next to us has a burned out electrical box. Darn, no neighbors!

Our site is # 248 and sits above the rest of the campground.  

We have a beautiful panoramic view of Bullhead City and Laughlin, Nevada across the river.

We bought a new camera from eBay. Wish we had it right now to show you the night views we have. The camera is being delivered to our next neighborhood, in Nevada. This is a view from our patio. We can see a couple of the casinos in Laughlin across the river.

But the view from our bedroom is like a view from a penthouse in Vegas. It is the most fabulous view we have ever had from our bedroom window, since we started traveling. This picture does not even begin to do justice of the view. The picture shows just a fraction of the city lights we see out our window. We see them much closer than this picture does.

The internet has been extremely slow and frustrating the last 2 days. I have not been able to even check my emails. We are hoping things will improve for the rest of the week. One last note, I don't know why my pictures are so weird and elongated. I think it maybe because the internet is so slow that the pictures were effected by it when up loading.

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