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Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

                 Tuesday 12/24/2013

After Hayleah's 17th Birthday Party in the afternoon, we celebrated Jesus's Birthday that evening. Because Jesus gave us the gift of eternal life, we give gifts to each other, emulating after him with giving of gifts. Lennox liked his new hat from Nana because when he squeezed the balls at the end of the straps, the doggy ears went up!

Madalena opening up her Yorky purse from her Nana who loves Yorkshire Terriers.

Maddy pulling out the lining of the purse trying to find whatever else could be in there!
Maddy with her custom made Nap Mat for preschool naps. (Maddy looking like she could use a nap- two birthday parties in one day is way to much for a 3 year old)
Maddy protecting her Yorky purse from her big brother Noah.

Maddy carrying her Yorky purse.

Maddy trying to put a way too big book into the small opening of her Yorky purse. (Joe was acting as the photographer for Christmas Eve, because the blogger photographer was on vacation for the evening).

Tiffany holding up yet another Yorky luvin item from her momma, with some money.
After the kids opened their presents, we played our usual "Dirty Santa" game where everyone buys a present and one by one someone opens a present, and if they don't like the present, they can steel a present from someone else. Blake's gets back his "Dirty Santa" gift of  Duck Dynasty glasses and a beard. Somehow Blake always ends up with his own gift.

The joke gifts always get passed around for pictures. At least they are good for something. Noah trying on Blake's Duck Dynasty beard.
Tiffany wearing the beard and opening my "Dirty Santa" gift, in a homemade gift bag. Tiffany ended up with the best "Dirty Santa" gift of $25 gift certificate to the local movie theater, from me of course!

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