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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hayleah Grace's 17th Birthday

Tuesday 12/24/2014

I am so blessed to have at least two of my Nana kids having their birthdays while we are in Gulf Shores, AL.
The gathering was family and a few of Hayleah's friends. (Pictured from left to right, Blake, Chelsea -Hayleah's friend, Tiffany - my youngest daughter, and Alisha- my oldest daughter. Alisha recently had purple low-lights put in her hair because she heard from another photographer that her bookings increased tremendously after doing her hair this way.
Hayleah turned 17. Where has the time gone! She was just a toddler just a few years ago!

Hayleah's birthday is December 24, so we had her party around noon that day.

Hayleah has turned into a beautiful young lady, who is carrying a 4.0 at school. She has a huge heart, and defends those who are bullied by others. She is like most teenagers, and has found herself making stupid decisions and mistakes, but somehow her mother, (who knows what teenagers are up to) has ways of catching her in the act and Hayleah has had to pay the consequences. Recently she was banned from Facebook for over one year. Though she has many attributes, what I am most proud of, is that she is a faithful follower of Jesus. She goes to church every Wednesday night (youth worship) and Sunday, even when it means going by herself. Nothing could make a Nana more proud than the faith that my mother passed to me, and I passed on to my daughters, is now being passed on to my granddaughter. Beauty, intelligent, popularity, and wealth can fade or be lost, but with faith you can get through any kind of adversity. Faith helps develops hope. Hope helps you to believe tomorrow can be better. With hope you always know "Love" is with you. Because "Love" is with you, you can extend "Love" and compassion to others. Hayleah is way beyond in her faith walk than I ever was at her age. She is developing into a true beauty from the inside out!

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