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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Day Spent With A Bellaire Realtor

                                  Wednesday 5/28/2014

We spent almost the entire day with Julia, a realtor from Bellaire this day. I had been in contact with her for a couple months before we arrived in Michigan. She drove us from Bellaire to Boyne City, 45 minutes away to this home. I really liked this home for the price $290,000.
It is in an association and has a peak-a-boo view of Lake Walloon, which is a very premier lake up here. The house is very updated with many nice features like double sinks and walk in closet in the master, finished basement. The kitchen was the only down fall, being a smaller galley kitchen. The house has 3,167sq ft of living.
The home was on a cul-d-sac with a large yard and a ready to go garden area for me.
About 2 blocks away there is a shared access for swimming,
and boat docks for 5 lucky people. There is a waiting list of 5 people already and who knows how long you would have to wait to move up the ladder to get one of those spaces for your boat. Could be 5 to 10 years!
Next we drove back to the Bellaire area to see this 30 acre property.
This property had a really nice full length porch on the backside of the house, with peak- a-boo views of Intermediate Lake. To get better views, the new owner would need to cut down more trees toward the lake. All the property is yours down the steep hill so that would not be a problem.

I loved the kitchen,

and the 4 season sunroom.

Views from the backyard looking at what the owners call the front of their house.

It has a very deep 2 car garage that has an attic that could be made into great storage or more bedrooms. The house has 4 bedrooms already and has a total sq ft of 2,668. I really liked this home too except it didn't have a master bath, and the bedrooms were scattered from the basement to the 2nd floor.

The drive into the property to the home was at least a mile of all woods. The owners had loggers in logging the property to thin out the woods. Because most of the wood is hardwood, they will get a check of about $7000.00 for the wood.
This home was my least favorite.
It was a long ways to the water through a marsh/lowlands area.

The waterway is Clam River that hooks into Torch Lake. Not good swimming area to me. The only good thing is you can have a boat dock and easy access to Torch Lake.
The next home was one of my favorites.
It had a pool,
and views of Torch Lake. I have always envisioned us living on top of a hill!

The property is 105 acres, some field land, some pastureland, and some woods. It has a huge pole building to store boats cars and machinery.
When I looked at the pictures online, I thought the home needed lots of updates, but after seeing it, I thought I could live in it as is. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths and has 2,360 sq feet of living.
The last home we looked at was next to the home that I wanted to see, but sold before we even arrived in Michigan. I thought It might have great views also, but it didn't have even 1/4 of the views. It is a old farm house with sloping ceiling and floors, and was a tear down in my opinion. I pretty high price at $159,000 for a less than an acre with very little views. I was thinking this might be a fixer upper, but it ended up being a tearer downer. We also looked at a lot that is across the street from Bellaire Lake which didn't have any boat dock access.  We also stopped at a home the realtor thought we might like on Clam River. What was she thinking, I didn't even want to go inside. I don't want to live on a river. I would rather live on a hill with a great view.
Back in Bellaire we stopped at the Bellaire Smokehouse so we could get some smoked whitefish that we got a lot of last year when we were in the UP. The whitefish comes from Lake Superior and is brought down here.

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