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Sunday, July 6, 2014

1914 Victorian Home

                                      Tuesday 6/24/2014

This home came on the market mid June so I called a realtor whose website I found it on. It is an old 1910 or 1914 (there are two documents with different dates) Victorian home.
It has a very long and impressive driveway onto the property. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture as we drove in, so I am taking it as we drove out).
At the end of the drive it has a circle drive to the house and then to the garage.
It has a very deep 2 car garage with storage above the garage.
I like the front porch, but wish it was the full length of the house. Joe said he thought it was not extended maybe because it would have covered the window wells that let light into the basement. The stone walls on the house are at least a foot thick.
View of Intermediate Lake from the front porch.
Front porch had lots of room for chairs and a porch swing.
The house had hardwood floors throughout the house.
As you walk into the front door the living room is to your right and the dining room to your left.
There is a bedroom or office off the living room. This room did not have a closet, but the present owner had a lot of dressers for clothing.
 This would have been the maid's room years ago.
From the maids bedroom you go into the kitchen. Joe thought this kitchen was small, but I thought it was just fine. I love white kitchens so this would suit me just fine.
Beyond the kitchen was the eat-in kitchen table.
From the kitchen you go into a small hall that takes you back to the living room or dining room depending which direction you go.
There is also a door to the  basement just before the door to the hall to the living room and dining room.

Here is the the view from the kitchen to the hall to the dining room I had just described in the  previous photo.
In that hall, there is a half bathroom to the right.
Back in the kitchen I forgot to show you the maids staircase going upstairs.
I also wanted to show you the nice pull out drawers in the kitchen. (Here is another view of the maid's stairway to upstairs).
Now it is time to show you the upstairs. Check out the staircase railings going upstairs.
This is a view from the top of the stairs looking down the hall.
First bedroom to the right at the top of the stairs.
Small but full bathroom in this bedroom. Small closet but this would be a guest room so it wouldn't matter.
This bedroom is to the left at the top of the stairs. It had a regular full length closet in this bedroom.
From that bedroom you go into the Jack and Jill bathroom with double sinks.
and full bathtub and shower.
From the Jack and Jill bathroom is the third bedroom.  The house is heated by steam as you can see by the register at the foot of the bed.
The bedrooms are very large.
This bedroom had two nice closets.
The fourth bedroom was also large with 3 twin size beds and a crib. This room did not have a closet and would need to use the Jack and Jill Bathroom also.
The present owner was meticulous- the kind of person you want to buy from.
Back in the previous bedroom, I forgot to show/tell you that the two front bedrooms have great views of the lake.
In the hall, here are the maid steps going down to the kitchen.
Before we go back down stairs I need to show you the attic accessed from the upstairs hall. Great place to store a ton of stuff.
Last we checked out the basement. Not too bad for how old this place is.
But I don't like having to come to the basement to do laundry. I guess we would have to figure out a place to have them put upstairs.
It has the old cellar door going outdoors, that looks to have some moisture issues.
This is the back door into the kitchen.

Off the back door is a really large deck. Not crazy about the deck covers! I probably would have a gazebo built above the deck that could have flowering vines that could grow on it.
It is a very neat and well maintained old house with lots of charm.
The deck would be a great place for family summer parties.
The only entrance onto the deck is from the back porch stairs. I guess that's a good way to keep the kids in toe!
You get a little view of the lake from the deck.
View of the outdoor entrance to the cellar.
This is the sidewalk to the pool.
To the very small pool.
This is a wood burner that helps heat the house. We were told by the realtor that a lot of homes have these up here in Northern Michigan.
The property has 6.24 acres of land. I was told I could probably have my 2 goats here. We would put it in writing if making an offer. There is plenty of sunny yard for a garden and for Mallery to  roll in the grass.
View of part of the circle drive next to the deck and back door.
The home has 3,120 sq ft of living.
The property does not own any waterfront on Intermediate Lake, but the neighbor rents this dock to them for $400 a year. The property is located on the east side of Intermediate Lake. The water may be clear but the lake bottom looked mucky to me.
It was a cloudy day so the water color didn't look like what it usually does.
The property used to be the Flag Stone Point B&B. The only negatives of this house is it is on a lake we aren't crazy about and in a location that is not our number one choice. The asking price for this house is $409,900. 
After leaving the realtor we drove to Bellaire for lunch and drove to see a lot that was available with Torch Lake views. The lot was up a hill full of thick brush, so we couldn't really see what kind of views it had. I need to call the number to get more info of the lot.
This is a house going up on land that someone purchased 3 lots of the total 9 lots in the developement. They must be building a tower to get the best views of Torch Lake.
That evening we enjoyed another of one of God's nightly art pieces.
Almost looks like a painting to me.
God's live paintings are beautiful!


  1. We love the early 1900's home. Price looks great compared to other homes that you are looking at. But it looks as though the maintenance would be a great deal of work. Beautiful home. Good luck on your search. I know how frustrating that it is.

    1. Rick, yes I love this home, but we wish it was on one of the lakes we really want to be on. You know what they say, location, location, location!