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Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Antique Boat & Car Show at Bay Harbor, MI.

                                                     Saturday 6/21/2014
On one of the days that we were not house hunting we went to Bay Harbor for the annual Antique Boat & Car Show.
I gave Joe the camera and let him enjoy taking pictures of whatever pleased him.
67 corvette we think.When I met Joe he had a 68 corvette. He sold that and later had a 88 corvette.
This is a GMC motor home chassis turned into this strange motor home. You can drive it normally as a RV or in the open air cockpit on top. Joe saw this on some RV show not too long ago.
Down at the marina were the antique boats.
Check out the big wood boat on the other side of the dock.
Here is another one at another dock in the marina. I think some people rent this for "after wedding parties".
A lot of them were Chris Crafts.

The Satiety was a 1940 from Lake Walloon.
Another picture of the really big wood boat that is rented for wedding parties.
Then we walked around and saw the antique cars.
There was some really neat old cars. Each car had the date it was made, but I forgot the years now.
Very early 1900's car.
Joe pointed out the light at the back of this car to me. He use to have one of these that he had bought at an action. I always asked him what it was. He was showing me how they were originally used. Before we went full timing in our RV we sold 80% of our stuff. It was one of the many things sold.
A close up picture of an antique tail light: you would light the wick fueled by kerosene with a match when it got dark outside for the car lights.
The antique boat and car show was free.
This is one of the homes in Bay Harbor that I liked. I love the two layers of porches.
On this evening the sun was trying to shine through the clouds making a really neat view of Little Traverse Bay, where our RV sits at the Magnus RV Park. We enjoyed Bay Harbors fireworks from our park Thursday night, and Petoskey and Harbor Springs fireworks Friday night. The Petoskey and Harbor Springs were going off at the same time in opposite directions. Our necks were getting tired going back and forth trying to see both. Harbor Springs across the bay and Petoskey to the east. It was really nice not having to drive anywhere. We just pulled our chairs out near the water and enjoyed! We have to say Harbor Springs won 1st place on the fireworks display of the 3 communities.


  1. What a beautiful event! I've always loved vintage/antique machines, and the collection there is just simply amazing. That chrome motor home looks cool, but what really piqued my interest are the boats. How I wish I got to go there as well. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the awesome pictures! All the best!

    Kent Garner @ White's Marine Center

    1. Hi Kent, Yes it was the best antique car and boat show I have ever been too.