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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Petoskey Marina

One day Joe wanted to walk down to the Petoskey Marina for some exercise.The marina is about 5 blocks from Magnus RV Park. There is a small beach area on the west side of the marina.
First we walked out on the jetty to a harbor light.
The jetty went from a narrow cement pad to a wider cement walk,
A view looking back toward the marina and with distant views of the back side of downtown Petoskey.
to an even wider pad with no edges. As we got closer to the end we wondered why there were so many people hanging out at the end.
" OK what is this all about" we thought.
You got to be kidding- water jet boots.
We have seen a water jet back pack in our travels, but never this.
This guy is going down!
The cost was $50 for 30 minutes, but Joe was told it took about 15 minutes to get the hang of doing it.
The jet ski would rev up it's engine which gave the jet boots it's power.
Joe was told you can get up to 30 feet.
When the guys fell into the water, they would come shooting out from down below the water with force.
I would think you would really need strong legs and ankles to do this, which Joe, nor myself have. I found that these are called water powered rocket boots, and if you want to see them in action just click on this link. This guy get up really high. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II5u0Q1tsNc
We had brought Mallery with us in the stroller that day. While I had been taking pictures of the action, I had asked Joe to hang on to the stroller which Mallery was in. I told him not to let go of the stroller. At one point I saw him leave and walk over to ask how much it cost to do the jet boots, I grabbed the stroller. The breaks were not put into the lock position. There is a reason God made mother to care for their children and men were the providers, if you get my drift! As we left, Mallery wanted to walk a bit, so I wanted to walk her and let Joe push the stroller. He had lost my confidence in him at that moment. I kepted seeing in my mind's eye, Mallery and the stroller rolling off the edge, and the stoller being on top of her and sinking to the very deep bottom. No I didn't get mad at him, I just let him know he walked off with the stroller not in the lock position. As you can see I can be very anal about certain things.
On the other side of the jetting is a rock beach. I am sure you can find Petoskey rocks on this beach.
We continued our walk on the bike path to the marina.
We crossed a river that flows into the Little Traverse Bay. Come late August and September this walk will be crowded with fishermen as the salmon begins to run to spawn for the season.
The river empties at the marina.
At the marina we walked up and down the docks looking at the boats.
This boat came from Florida. What a long trip!
View of the backside of downtown Petoskey.
This boat was for sale. It had a cuddy cabin below.
Not a bad price for such a big boat, even at it's age.
We walked up along the river for a different route home.
The river is the Bear River, and the waters come from Lake Walloon.
Hopefully we will still be here when the salmon run starts and we can come back here to get some pictures of all the fishermen and their catch.
This is one of the cutest homes on our walk back to the park that Joe and I always admire.
Once back home, Joe notice some people looking up at some trees behind our Nest. He went out and asked what they were looking at. We have learned from our travels to always look or ask when you see people gathered because there is always something there, and you are going to miss out otherwise.
At least once a week we get spectacular sunsets here at Magnus RV Park.
Joe watched out his window as he watches TV.
I am usually doing dishes so my back is away from the views.
He comes out and tells me there is another great sunset and runs out the door with the camera.
There is always a group of people out at the bay shore edge taking pictures.

Soon the clouds glowed red.

And in a minutes it is all over.

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