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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Beach Time On Gulf Shores State Park Beach

                                                         December 2015

The months of November and December were mostly warm in mid 70's with a few cold days here and there. Even though the weather was good, it was not until late November or early December before we made it to the beach. The Gulf Shores State Beach is just down the road from our campground about a mile.
View looking west from the Gulf Shores State Park boardwalk, toward Gulf Shores, AL. This is the only white snow we get down here.
It was a lovely day and there were a few snowbirds enjoying it.
Looking east from the state park beach toward Orange Beach, AL. and the beginning condo's in that direction.
There are always jelly fish on the shoreline. Every year the jellyfish are different.
This species had 4 red loops in the center. It is a Moon Jellyfish.
This one looks a little different from the previous picture, but I think it is the same kind of jellyfish. One year we saw lots of Portuguese Man-Of-War Jellyfish. Another year we saw lots of Mushroom Cap Jellyfish. Another year, it was the Mesoglea Jellyfish.
We haven't made it out on the pier yet this year. When you are staying at the Gulf  Shore State Park Campground, they have free pier tour walks usually on weekends.
At the beginning of the pier there is a cafe open during warmer months.
As we continue west we get closer to the Gulf Shores and the beginning of Gulf Shores condo's.

During November and December we enjoyed shorts most of the time.
A few fishermen on the pier.
We head back going east on the beach, going toward Orange Beach again.
Lots of barefoot beach walkers.
There are a lot of snowbird fishermen. Joe hasn't fished this year. He always hates paying out the bucks for the fishing license, especially when he doesn't catch much.

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