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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Following the Photographer Around


One of the things I enjoy doing, while in Gulf Shores, AL. is following my photographer daughter around when she is hired to shoot condo pictures for listings.
Joe and I would like a condo on the beach someday when we get older, so I get to dream, and contemplate what we would be looking for when that day comes.
This condo is updated to the max, and I would love to live in this unit, but I am sure it is $500,000 or better. My daughter never has the listing price, and since I can't afford it, it doesn't really matter the price.
This unit has 3 bedrooms, so you can just figure around $450,000 or more depending on the upgrades and sq footage.
Madalena is in preschool 3 days a week, so when she is not in pre- school, she helps her mom by turning on lights. Then she checks out the beds,
or models for her Nana's pictures.
For a four year old she is a tiny thing and my Sweet Pea!
This unit is on the third floor, just the floor Joe and I would like.We don't like heights, so getting much higher, and we would not enjoy the deck.
As we leave I give you a view out the front door balcony. The state park where we are staying is off beyond to the far left in the picture. You can barely see some small white RV's. The blue water is at the entrance into our park.
The state park encompasses thousands of acres of land.
The next condo was really nice also.

Though I liked the first one the best.
The master bedrooms almost always have an ocean view with an adjoining balcony from the living room balcony.
I like seeing the decorating, because it helps me plan our bathroom remodels that will soon be under way.
This unit is also a 3 bedroom condo, but not as updated as the first. This one you might get for $450,000.
Madalena models and tries out these beds. This unit has a much bigger third bedroom than the first one, making room for 2 bunk beds.
My daughter doing her job. She has such a great job!
This unit also was on 3rd floor.
Gulf Shores beaches are such beautiful beaches.
View out this units front door. In this picture you can get the vastness of the Gulf Shores State Park.
The last unit we saw that day was really nice also.
Master bedroom
with a huge master bath. Double sinks, shower , garden tub, and a private enclosed toilet, and a large closet.
The second bedroom was large enough for 2 full size beds in it.
It also had a nice size 2nd bathroom.
The only downfall for this unit was it was on the 12th or 13th floor. The balcony door was stuck so we couldn't go out on it, but I don't think I would have anyway. This was the top floor of this building. It was a corner unit and had amazing views from the inside.
In the third  bedroom I find my Nana Girl 2 enjoying the bed and watching cartoons on the TV. Alisha turns on all the TV's for her photo shoots, so Madalena enjoys watching them when her job of turning on lights is done, and while she waits for her mom to finish her job.
This condo is a 3 bedroom/3 bath condo. Most of the time I don't get invited for condo shoots because Alisha likes to get her job done first thing in the morning, and I am usually eating breakfast and in my PJ's still. Oh the hard life of a Full Timer!
 Mallery had a set back with diarrhea again. We were unable to get control of the situation for 5 days. We did our usually thing of changing her diet back to a low fat canned dog food diet, which didn't work. Then we did the next best thing,  making her boiled chicken and rice, but it was not doing the trick either. After days of messes, (luckily she has made it a habit to have accidents on a rug) I had to call the vet. She gave me medicine, Diazepam 10 mg, and some special digestive canned dog food that you can only get from the veterinary. She was back on track with in 12 hours of the start of the special food and medicine. She has never been on this medicine, and it worked really great. She has been on the Hills Prescription ID many times before. She had such a problem that one day, Joe picked Mallery up to comfort her, only to find a mess on his shirt. One night she had woke me up with her pacing around the bed. I knew what this meant and jumped out of bed and took her outside. I thought I had rescued her to the outside in time, but when climbing back into bed, I could smell poop. I woke Joe telling him I was going to have to turn on the light, because somewhere we were sleeping with poop. How I managed to get out of the bed and back in, in the dark, without putting my knee or hands in it, when I had first got out to take her outside and then go back to bed, was only by the grace of God. Remember we sleep with bed rails so our Mallery, who is going blind, won't fall out of bed. The only way out of bed, is at the foot of the bed over a suspended blanket that is stretched and attached to the bed rails and tucked under the mattress. Once over the blanket I have a footstool to the floor. Such is the life with an elderly doggy  family member. I can't complain, because I am glad we still have her with it, though this night time drama is a bit frustrating. 

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