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Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Week With Our Family At Our Cottage Cabin Summer Home Continued....

                                             Monday 7/20/2015
It has been a while since I last posted a blog. We have been busy with Joe's family visiting us. But I will get back to our time  with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson Lennox.
When we went on a day trip to Petoskey for water shoes, I purchased this blow up row boat. Lennox gave the first try at it, while connected to a rope.
Lennox took me for a ride, while my daughter Tiffany teased us saying she was going to tip us over.
Later that day, the three boys tried to fish off the dock, but with no luck.
But Lennox caought a pink sponge fish to make up for the slow day. So glad someone caught dinner that night!

We put a yellow rubber rope around some trees marking Lennox's boundaries. He was told if he cross past the rope, he would be grounded.
Clouds roll in,
but Blake still decided to take the inflatable boat out to try to fish.

Lennox really enjoyed swimming off our dock.

At first I only felt comfortable with him swimming with a life jacket. Later we took it off so he could dive for rings.
On another day, we took a day drive to Harbor Springs. We walked on the marina dock, which is must to do in Harbors Spring to see the most cleanest and clearest water at depths of at least 25 feet. The city beach is located right next to the marina. We needed to have something planned for Lennox so that the drive was worth it for him. Right away Lennox saw some boys his age with water gun. Darn I had bought some water guns for all of us to play with, but forgot to bring them. Instead I had brought some sand toys I had bought, but they were the wrong toys to share to meet and play with the other boys. He did his best playing with them trying to show his small dinky boat to the rich boys with their expensive big boats. I felt sad for my sweet Lennox, but so proud that he did his best with what he had and still had a good time.
 Harbor Springs is located in a harbor in the Little Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan. It is the wealthest area in Northern Michigan.

The video below is of Lennox riding the dragon on another day back at our place. The one after that is of him jumping off our dock.

Lennox sporting his fins Nana bought him.
The last night that our guest were with us, we went down to "Up Town Friday Night" that is held every Friday night in Boyne City during the summer. We ate at the "Thick & Juicy" hamburger joint in downtown Boyne City. All Lennox was thinking about was getting a toy that he saw the day before. All he had to do was to be good for the night.
Here my little Lennox is trying to smile after being told "No toy" because of his attitude the whole night. He was so concentrated on getting that toy, that his behavior of not enjoying the evening did him in. I kind of felt sorry for him, but I know in the end discipline is more important then a toy. But I still felt sorry for him!
All the businesses give away free stuff on "Up Town Friday Night" Remax gives away free horse and wagon rides. Some give out free bottles of water, frisbee, popcorn, and ice cream coupons for the kids, and etc.
Tiffany, Blake & Lennox went for a free wagon ride after a 30 minute wait. The next day after a week with us we took them to Traverse City to fly back home. We sure enjoyed having them, especially our sweet little grandson Lennox!
If you find any clerical errors, please forgive me. I proof read this, but Joe has been too busy with his family to proof read it. Two proof readers are always better than one.

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