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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Time Between Our Guests

                                                       July 26, 2015

One day after our guest left, we were heading to town and I saw these horses being taken for a swim at a public beach. It had been in the 90's that day, so I am sure they really appreciated being cooled down.

Mallery continues to be doing really well. We are giving her fluid treatments at about every 5 days, which seems to be tolerable for her and us.

Normally I don't go for a swim without company, but it had been so hot, that a swim in the lake was just what I needed to cool off that afternoon.
The Monday after the kids left, the fence people came and started to put it in.

They seemed to work really slow for having 4 to 5 guys working every day.

I will admit, the first 2 to 3 days were extremely hot, so it seemed they were standing around taking turns putting in the post.

During the last week of July the lake was extremely turquoise.

We are not sure why it was so turquoise, but it reminded us of Torch Lake, which was Joe's choice of lake when we were looking for a lake home. Torch Lake is about 45minutes south of us and seemed to have much more expensive home, causing us to forget living on that lake.
As they finished the fence, Mallery got to enjoy some freedom off her leash.
This was my last wish, that Mallery get to enjoy a fenced in yard again before we lose her. Thank you God for Blessing me with this last prayer!
One day I sat on the deck and watched Mallery take a nap in the  yard.

She really loves to  just wonder around and then find a cool spot for a siesta. Her home has finally settled down, with no moving furniture, and she is adjusting really well to her new environment.

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