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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Honey Anyone & Bee Free

                                                            August 7, 2015
We had two Bee Keepers come to our house, trying to find and or lure them into another hive. The bee hive was in our house, and the first couldn't locate the hive, and the second could not lure the bees away from our hive. Our last resort was an exterminator. The exterminator came 3 times, spraying into the hole where the bees  entered our house. With all these failed spraying, the exterminators suited up and tore off the siding, believing the bees  were behind it.

Jackpot! They found the hive and bees. Being exterminators and not Bee Keepers, the bees were sprayed. The yellow you see in this picture is honey.

After the bees were sprayed, the exterminator starts to pull out the honey.
Unfortunately the honey was no good because it was sprayed with insecticide.

The bees were getting angry, so we went inside to watch from the window. This guy said he had been stung several times the the last two jobs, while helping the exterminator.  This time he came prepared, suited up for our site.

Lots of the honey was very runny and sticky like this glob on the ground.

We just wish the Bee Keepers had located the hive, saving the bees and honey.

With the honey and hive removed, the siding was left off for a few days to let the residue honey that was left, dry out. You can see the logs of our log cabin house that is now sided in on the outside.

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  1. I had a similar situation and the honey dripped for months.