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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Round 2 Of Company

                                              Thursday 8/13/2015

After having two week off after Tiff, Blake and Lennox went home. It was time to entertain my family. (if you haven't figured it out, this in Joe writing the blog.) My mother arrived 1st,  a day later, my brother Dave and his wife Marsha arrived. Two days later, my sister Renee and her husband Dave arrived along with my brother John and his wife Diane (yes another Diane) and my Niece, Selina and her husband Jody. Quite the crowd. (John and Diane; and Selina and Jody stayed at nearby accommodations. ) Everyone was excited to see our new home and its location.  Of course a lake visit wouldn't be complete with a boat ride. Here Marsha and my Mom took to the sun in the open bow of the boat.
Here I am at the helm with my oldest brother Dave (sun in his face).
Dave decided to try water skiing, something he hasn't done for probably 40 years! Good luck!
Dave is saying, "man is this water cold" (the water up North is cold, ever in August.
After a few unsuccessful attempts to get up, the rest of us started to either get too hot from the 88 degree temp or a need to relieve ourselves. Either way we took the chilly plunge.But it felt great after the first few seconds.
Later it was cocktail time on the deck. Seen here are Dave Cooper (my sister's husband at the top; then to the right is Jody my neice's husband then Renee my sister, then Dave my bother. (who by the way, did get up skiing even if only for a minute a couple of days later.)
Time to go boating again with a few other family members.
Now its Marsha's turn. She elects to skip the skis on this choppy water and climbs aboard the torpedo. She did great!
One day we went site seeing around the area. I told my sister's husband Dave (yes there are two Dave's in this blog) who makes his own Beer and loves to visit brewery, that there was a brewery in the town of Petoskey, just north of Boyne City. We stopped in for lunch and some beer tasting.
This brewery has been here a long time and has an interesting background.
Diane documenting the hours they are open.
Here we are checking out the menu. (Myself front left, then my mom, then bother John and his wife Diane, Then brother Dave and his wife Marsha. Then Dave and my sister Renee.The Mugs on the wall are for regular customers who buy their mugs.
Finishing out the table are my Niece Selina and her husband Jody.  We enjoyed our lunch and beer. They have good food there. Now on to the next site seeing town of Harbor Springs.
I forgot to mention that my Diane, who doesn't normally drink beer, ordered the Root Beer Beer. Yes beer that tastes like Root Beer. We all agreed, that it was very good.
Here we are at Harbor Spring, This is a cute little town that has some fabulous old homes that date way back. The rich of the rich have come here for year. Here we are walking the docks in the harbor
Check out the color of the water in this Harbor! You can see at least 15 feet down to the bottom. Beautiful waters here in a harbor of Little Traverse bay of  Lake Michigan.
This is an example of a true racing sailboat.
The big and the little speed boat! Did I say rich people live here.
Looking back from the end of the dock toward the town.
Small park by the harbor; great view of the harbor looking out at Little Traverse Bay.
Time for a cookout. I don't know much about BBQ, as you can see. At least I didn't burn anything.
                           My guests tried to make the best of it. (Selina and Diane; maybe we should move further away)
The men tried their best to advise me as to what I was doing wrong.  (Myself at the grill, Dave Cooper to my right, then Jody and finally bother Dave.)

After a week, everyone left to either go home or do some site seeing up north in the UP. My Mom offered to take Diane and I to a restaurant down the street at Sommerset Point called the Fish House.
Inside the restrurant.
Flags on the ceiling. We guested at the counties, while waiting for dinner.
Perch with capers and zuccinnii.
Mom studying the menu. All and all it was nice to get the family together.

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