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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Emeral Greens - Our Winter Snowbird Condo

Wednesday 12/2/15

I thought I would show you around our winter Nest for the next few months.

Our 2 bedroom condo is in the lower left as we face this unit. There are 6 units on this side of this building. Four of the units are 2 bedrooms and the 2 middle units are 1 bedroom units.
Our little patio before we enter the condo. Unfortunately, we never have sun in the morning or afternoon. I guess this unit would be great in the summer when the heat is unbearable.
When we viewed this unit last winter, it had an older couch and chair. The leather sofa and love seat are brand new. Both ends of the sofa and love seat have recliners. Love that!
View into the living room from the dining area.
View of living room to the second bathroom and bedroom to the left and to the laundry on the right.
The second bedroom has a queen size bed and two nice size dresser drawers.
The second bedroom has a door to the hall and to the bathroom. The second bedroom is for guest and when the grand kids spend the night.
The shower/tub has a pocket door to the sink/toilet area.

Now back out in the living room, I am looking toward the hall to the second bath and laundry and to the far right to our bedroom.
Laundry- I had to move all the stuff that was on both shelves to the top shelf so we had room for our stuff and paper products. Owners have too much stuff in the kitchen and laundry, so we had to do some rearranging.
Next our bedroom.

Our bedroom has a king size bed. We have never had a king size bed. Joe seems so far away in this bed. Too bad Mallery doesn't sleep with us anymore. There is tons of room for her in this bed.
Our bathroom is a single sink shower/tub bathroom. We miss our 2 sink bathroom up north.
View from our living room to kitchen. Because I have no vanity, I use the bar to put on my makeup, hence why my makeup mirror is on the peninsula bar.
I spent the first two week, cleaning and wiping out, every single cabinet and drawer in the kitchen and bathroom and our dresser drawers. On top of that I pulled out every single thing, out of every single cabinet and drawer, and ran them through the dishwasher. I found a few kitchen utensils and pans that still had food on them. I did tell you I can be anal about certain things didn't I!
Up a block or two is the Emerald Greens Office, Pro Shop, and guest activity area.
Joe opens the door for us. Thank you Dear!

The front door was decorated for Christmas.
Nice place to hang out on the front porch.

Joe walks up to the pro shop every morning to get his free cup of coffee. The pro shop has a grill also for snacks and sandwiches if you don't want to cook. You know we don't take advantage of this luxury.
On the side of the office/guest activity building is the outdoor pool. Unfortunately it is unheated so no good this time of year. We are hoping the grand kids will be able to use it in March when the weather warms up.

The kids will really enjoy the swim gym when it finally warms up.

Next to the pool is a picnic area for the adults while the kids play. Joe enjoying some popcorn I picked up in the Pro Shop that I asked him to hold while I took pictures. I hope there is some left when I get done taking pictures.
On the other side of the picnic gazebo is a beach area where the little ones can play in the sand and the adults can lay out in the sun. No one around now though, as even though it was a nice day, not warm enough for sunbathing!

Anyone wanting to tan, it's free also. I haven't tanned in over some 25 years. At some point I developed a rash all over when I entered tan booths, that caused extreme itching. No tan is worth that pain!
If you want a lay down tanning bed, they have that too.
One day when we watched two of our grand kids I brought them to the game room for about 30 minutes to find some way to entertain.
In this building there is also a gathering/TV room where you can always find free cookies and lemonade.
Gathering/TV room.
 My grandson Noah loved the big chairs.
Upstairs there is a fully equipped workout gym that is also free. Joe and I have been too busy to use these facilities also! When our granddaughter was home for her Christmas college break, she stayed with us a few nights and use the gym. Glad someone got some use from it.
As you exercise you have this great view of the golf course down below. We can play golf every day free, as well as get a free golf cart with our monthly rent. This condominium is 6 miles from the beach, which makes it much more affordable, though we are still paying $1,400 a month for the four months we are here in Gulf Shores, Alabama. A bit pricey, but much more affordable than Florida.

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