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Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Tribute to Mallery- Her Early Years

                                                                June 2001
We no longer have Mallery with us, so I wanted to celebrate her by sharing memories of her life.

These are old photo's in an old album that has plastic covers over the pictures. Most of the plastic is wrinkled, so the pictures are distorted. I took a picture of the pictures. Mallery was just a little taller than a can of green bean when we first brought her home.

Mallery weighed less than a lb when we first got her.

As all puppies are, she got tired easily.

She was born May 2, 2001

My daughter Tiffany with Mallery.
As she got a little older, she started to get some grey in her coat.

Tiffany again with Mallery again.

She is between 6 months to a year in this picture.

My granddaughter, Hayleah with Mallery.
Again with Hayleah with her. Mallery's grey turned blonds.
All Christmas included Mallery.

Mallery loved to sleep with us or who ever was in our bed. (Again with Hayleah).
Almost always, she was where I was.
I car trip to Door County, WI. with Mallery. To be continues:


  1. My heart breaks with you Diane. I knew this day was coming and oh how sorry I am for you guys. Mallery is running and playing in the lush grass in Heaven healthy and fit for eternity. I pray The void she left by your side will be filled with wonderful memories of the long loving life you all had together. God Bless Mallery.. Love Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie, Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.When we own pets, we know we will probably out live them and have to say goodbye to our most sweetest friends. I hope you are doing well. I had not heard from you for so long, so I was a bit worried about you. Glad to hear from you, knowing everything is OK.