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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mallery's Years Traveling The USA

                                                               October 2008
First year Full Timing. Grayton Beach, FL. (2/2009)
We Started our "Big Adventure" as 3, and boy was it an adventure we will all remember! We left Iowa 10/2008, but I was not blogging and don't have any pictures until 2009.

Riding the gondola in Telluride, CO. (9/2009).
Grand Canyon, AZ. 99/2009)
   Watching a pet show at Cocopah Golf and RV Resort in Yuma, AZ. Mallery was too timid to be in the show.  (2/2010)


Mallery had a rough time prior this week, with wheezing at night. Xrays confirmed the collapsing trachea, that had been diagnosed at age 6. Mallery still wanted to play ball every day even with the compromised airway.
Cocopah Golf and RV Resort in Yuma, AZ. (2/2010)

Lots of pictures of Maine because it was one of our favorite states. Sight seeing in Maine. (8/2011)

I decide to carry Mallery the rest of the way on a trail, because I wanted a good night sleep, not worrying about her and her trachea problems. She wanted to continue the hike walking, but I made her ride in the front pouch. You know, some times mom's have to make the hard decisions. (Jordon Pond Trail- Maine 8/2011)
Mallery, like usual, got all the attention from the other tourists! ((Mount Desert Island, Maine 8/11)

Bar Harbor and Cadillac Summit, (Maine 8/11)

Dad please share!
After sightseeing in Maine, we had to always play ball (9/2011).
While I was taking pictures of the harbor, Mallery got in Joe's lap. I let her sit there for a while as he drove down the road.  She acted like it was cool. She didn't get to do this ever. (Maine 9/2011)

Crater Lake, Or. (7/2012)

Cool summers made great running on beaches. (Newport Oregon 7/2012)

A long coat helped for the cool summers of the Oregon coast. (Newport, Oregon 7/2012)

Shopping but potty breaks are needed, sometimes in not the greatest places. ( Bayfront District, Newport, OR. 7/2012)

Oh how Mallery LOVED Oregon beaches.

I know she is in Heaven and enjoying beaches again!

She was always at my side in this chair- Food or not!

After getting our Nest set up, we headed to the beach. (Long Beach, WA. 8/2012).

Mallery was hot even in the cooler weather. (Long Beach, WA. 8/2012)

Dad hands her a beer, and says, "Cool down, it's Miller Time"! "Thanks Dad", she replied!
After beach time we headed back to the Nest through the tall grass lined sand path. ( Long Beach, WA 8/2012)
Trail to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, WA. (8/2012)

Westport, WA. (8/2012)
Olympic National Park and Forest, WA. (8/2012).
World's largest Spruce Tree and Mallery saw it! ( but didn't get to pee on it).

One of my favorite west coat beaches. (Ruby Beach, WA.  9/2012)
The state of Washington has some of the most scenic beaches.

Rialto Beach, WA. 9/2012
It was an extremely windy day at Rialto Beach.

Even though this beach was foggy and windy, it's ruggedness makes it a favorite. (Rialto Beach, WA.)

And it has so many cool rounded smooth stones.( Rialto Beach, WA. 9/2012)

We had a long day taking a ferry to Victoria. Here we were headed back to the states, with Mallery worn out.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (9/2012)

Views Of Victoria as we leave. (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 9/2012)

Mallery trying to find shade behind her dad. Deception Pass, WA (9/2012)

Joe picked up a yummy hamburger in Easton, WA (9/2012)
Mallery knew Joe had something real good to eat.

Coeur d Alene, ID (10/12)
Mallery enjoying the really green grass.

Didn't take much to make Mallery happy.

Port Aransas, Texas. ( February, 2013) 

Mallery was a hot mess of sea salt and sand. ( Port Aransas, TX. 2/2013).

Time to go back to the Nest. ( Port Aransas, TX 2/2013).
Plum tuckered out! ( Port Aransas, TX. 2/2013).

When we got home Mallery had to have a bath because her long hair was filled with sand. ( Port Aransas, TX. 2/2013).
Joe checking out our map, making sure we are on the right trail. (Estero Llano Grande State Park, TX. 3/2013)

Me and Mallery

Mallery wants to walk, but with all her panting, I knew it was best that she rides or we would have problems with her trachea during the night. She got a shorter hair cut, but she was still hot.
(Estero Llano Grande State Park, TX. 3/2013)
We hit a hail storm on our drive going north to Canyon Lake, TX. Mallery is freck'in out, as well as us. (4/2013)

Mallery turns 12 hunting dinosaur tracks in Texas.

Mallery standing in front of a dinosaur track in Texas.

Exhausted from hunting Dino tracks. Mallery still had a fat tummy here. It was so hard to see her get so thin, later in  2014.

What  great views in Arkansas Dad! (6/2013)

Mallery enjoying Iowa grass. (7/2013)

On the road again!

My Best Little Girlfriend. (Keweenaw Peninsula in UP, MI 8/2013)

When we got back to the Nest, I wanted to go to our beach in the RV park and collect a few Lake Superior rocks. When I first got into the water, it was cold, but in a very short time, it felt refreshing because it was a hot day. Mallery likes to be with me, so she ran into the water up to her tummy before she headed back to the shoreline. (8/2013 Munising, MI, Lake Superior)  

Biking around Macinac Island, MI. (8/2013)

Nap time was always another of her favorite things in life too!

Traveling South to Gulf Shores, AL. (Knoxville, TN. 10/13)

Waiting for someone to play ball with her. ( Gulf Shores, AL 11/2013)

Ice storm hits Gulf Shores, AL. ( 1/2014)

Mallery had started to fall out of bed, so we set up her kennel high next to us. She was not happy with the solution, but we had to keep her safe. The veterinary told us in November she had cataracts. ( Gulf Shores, AL. 1/2014). 
                                                        To be continued:


  1. Favorite blog so far! Love, love all the pictures of Mallory! I love you Mom!

    1. Thanks Honey, It took me a long time to pull all these pictures and dates up for the blog, though I am sure it has been very therapeutic.I had way more pictures, but the blog was getting way too long as was!

  2. Hi Diane, The reason I have not left a comment for a long time is the last couple times I tried It was not going through right. I had to do the "prove you are not a Robot thing" and I kept messing up....so I gave up. However when I read of Mallerys passing I had to try again and it worked and no Robot thing was asked of me. Maybe it is because I have a new computer. I really don't know as I am 61 years old and not great with these kind of things. As I was looking at all the pictures of precious Mallery it occurred to me that she had visited more places and had more adventures than most people do in a life time. She really did have a full life. I also believe there never was a doggie more loved or better taken care of than Mallery. That is a testimonial also to you and Joe because you are kind loving people. I hope you won't think it's weird when I tell you that the first thing I thought of was Mallery when I woke up this morning. I've read your blog for years and I know how special she was to both of you. I've given my doggie "Raven" extra pets and kisses today in memory of Mallery. You are in my prayers. Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie, I totally understand about being a computer dummie. I had a good teacher for the blog, but still struggle with it at time as well as with all tech stuff. The 3 of us were very Blessed to see so much during our Big Adventure. I can't imagine the adventure without her as she was what gave us our smiles. No I don't think it is weird that you thought of Mallery this morning. She had a way about her that affected many that way. She probably was saying hi to you this morning in the spirit, knowing your heart had been with her for all these years. I am sure she will greet both of us when it is time for us to go to paradise. Dog's know those who are have great hearts for them. I am sure, when Raven's time is to go there, they will be friends. It means a lot to me that you gave lots of hugs to Raven in memory of Mallery. Please give lots of hugs to Raven for me also. I really miss those special moments of best girl friend LOVE!