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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Eight Leave and One Stays leaving Three

                                                          August 12, 2017

The day that the kids left for Gulf Shores, AL., I got a text from Tiffany saying she, Blake and Lennox were sitting just north of Indianapolis on I-75 with a flat tire. She said she had called a tow truck for help, but was told it would be at least 30 minutes before they arrived. She said it was scary with the semi's whizzing by at such high speeds, while they sat along the edge of the interstate. After I got off the phone, I did what I always do when needing help! I called upon Tiff, Blake, and Lennox's angels and request their assistance for safety and to get the tow truck there faster than 30 minutes, in the Name and Blood of Jesus. I also took authority over the evil one and told him he could not touch my family in the Name and Blood of Jesus.

Shortly there after, Tiff texted me and told me the tow truck arrived in like 10 minutes and got them off the highway. Praise be to our Lord and Savior, He is so good to me! (As my mom always says). This picture was not taken at the time of the flat tire, but forgot to post this picture earlier, and I liked this picture of them smiling and with the car reflected in Tiff's sun glasses!
With everyone gone, it was quiet with just mom, Joe and I.
And our weather got hotter after everyone left, just like it was hotter before they arrived!
Mom took us out to lunch to the Red Mesa. She had fried ice cream for lunch.
I always tell Joe, When I get up there at her age, all I am going to eat is ice cream too. (If my digestive system will allow it anyway. Being lactose intolerant, I have to limit my dairy these days).
Joe and I had Margarita's and horderves.
Mom stayed a few days longer so I could show her the different senior living places in our area. The Litzenburger, is based on income and she qualifies, but I feel, it is not up to the standard she is used to in her present over 55 rental community in Cedar Rapids, IA. She has stated, she thinks she may be close to be needing to be in the same town as one of her daughters. The Litzenburger is 4 miles from our home.
Next I showed her "The Brook" which is about 8 miles from our home.
The Brook is not income based so it is much pricier.
It has a library, a hair salon, a movie room which also holds for church services, a pool room, and a art room.
We were shown one of the one bedroom apartments that is located in the independent living section. It had a very nice size kitchen/ dining area,
and living room. The resident was a sweetie to let us see her place.
If you wanted a view, the patio looked out to a large green space. If you wanted a space in the courtyard, those were available too with a patio.
Nice size bedroom,
with walk in closet.
And nice size bathroom.
A view of "The Brook" as we left.
The next day Joe and I took mom to the American House in Petoskey, which is 30 minutes away from Boyne City.
The American House is not income based, so again pricey.
We were invited for lunch, after the tour, which was nice to see the quality of food.
Outside the dining area was a nice patio for all the residences, with gardening space that the residence can help grow vegetables that are serve for meals.

After lunch Frank Sinatra was preforming.
Pretty soon mom was up and dancing. Below is a video of Frank AKA Billing Mccalister. Before we left, we were given a fresh baked (that morning) apple pie. Mom's biggest complaint was she thought everyone there looked too old!

Next stop was Independence Village in Petoskey.
I knew mom would like this place with the 3 floor levels. Currently she is in a 3rd floor apartment and loves the high window views. And the expansive views from the top two levels are amazing in these apartments.
Once again this place is not income based and was the priciest of all.
The dining room looked like a high priced restaurant with white table cloths and napkins.
And a menu that looked like you would be eating at a restaurant nightly. Mom really liked this place because the people seemed younger and more alive here. Before we left, mom was introduced to a group of ladies at a happy hour table that met daily. As we left, she said she could see herself enjoying the people there. Mom's gift was a small box of chocolate.
The next day we visited the American House in Charlevoix, another 30 miles from our home in Boyne City.
View of the Charlevoix American House.

Outside view of the Charlevoix American House.

What a nice welcome from the Charlevoix American House. We had lunch at this American House also after our tour.  And again sent home with another fresh baked apple pie. Mom felt all the people in this American House were all old people too. I have to admit, most of them seemed half medicated. As we left, we saw a few  that were running the halls (so to speak) like mom does now. It doesn't matter if you are 91, it is how you act and feel. Mom does not see herself as a old person.
All of the non income based homes had all the extra facilities, from activity room, libraries, church service rooms, art rooms, beauty salon's, and  private buses to take the residents to stores, doctors appointments and to special outings. The non income basis communities also include meals or just one depending on the monthly rate you chose. The thing that most impressed me is all the homes from income based to non income based allowed pets. That is so refreshing to know that these homes realize that the quality of living for many is when they can bring their cat, dog, or bird to their new home. For mom this is not and issue, but for many it is. I liked "The Brook" the best because it is the nicest and closest to me, I think mom liked the "Independence Village" the best if price was not an issue. After mom left, my sister Karen showed her 3 places near her in Mt. Pleasant, Ia. I think she has decided that when she is ready, she will move to my oldest sisters town, because it was the most economical. I told mom, "I just want you to be happy where ever she go"!

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