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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fall Drive Through Tunnel Of The Trees & Climb Up Avalanche Mountaine

                                                          October 21, 2017

Our Indian Summer continued, and we decide we should take a drive to enjoy the fall colors.
Mindy, our neighbor was up for the weekend, so we invited her to join us. As you can see from the picture, it seemed as if everyone from the state of Michigan had the same idea.
We decided to do the Tunnel of Trees north of Harbor Springs, since we had not done this drive since before we bought our place. The drive runs along Lake Michigan half the way.
This home is across the street from Lake Michigan. Others are on the lake side above the cliffs.
There are a few cute little towns along the route. Oh my gosh, never again will we do this drive on a weekend.
We were a little disappointed because we think we had missed the peak colors. Our peak on Lake Charlevoix is always behind surrounding areas. Ours was just peaking, but we hoped it still would be good in the Tunnel of Trees.
This highway is route M-119.
The next little town, Cross Village, has the famous Legs Inn restaurant. It is called Legs because the upper balcony is lined with old stove legs . The restaurant was built in 1921 by a Polish immigrant built entirely of stones and driftwood.
We have never ate here before. The last time we were here, we had Mallery with us. They do not allow dogs, even on the back patio.
The restaurant sits on the shore of Lake Michigan not far from the Straits Of Mackinac.
Our ocean up north.
We thought about eating here, but the wait would have been at least 2 hours, I am sure!
Of course this restaurant serves polish dishes.
The drive is still pretty in the tunnel of trees.
Lots of curves and cliff drop off views when going south for the passenger. Reminds me of our old RV days.
We made one more stop,
for a Lake Michigan selfie. Joe did a great job didn't he. I never knew Mindy was so much taller than I. I guess I am like a little dog, "I always think I am bigger than I am"- until I see myself in a picture. I said to Joe and Mindy, "I am such a munchkin"!

Across the street was a nice country fall scene.
The fall color was better south of Harbor Springs.
The next day, Mindy, Joe and I climbed the 400 some steps up Avalanche Mountain in Boyne City.
Love the views up there. I definitely over dressed and wished I had wore shorts after that many stairs.
Joe was the smart one wearing the shorts.
After the stair climb and views we did the trail which also is up and down hills.
When we got home, 2 hours later, I saw we had reached 80 degrees. No wonder I was so hot!

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