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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hayleah's 14 Birthday


Just a cute picture of Maddie in my picture file.


We have bounced back and forth from Tiff's and Alisha' s so much, I have lost track how many times we have been at each. Alisha received an email, saying someone contacted her about our RV parked outside of her home. The email also contained the city of Gulf Shores guidelines to how long we can be parked in a driveway. Now we have to move every two weeks, which works out just fine, because we have to take the RV to dump the tanks every two weeks any how. We are at Tiff's in this picture. The neighbor next to Tiff lives in California. They are never here, so we park the Honda in their drive.

Hayleah holding her gift from Papa Joe, a bag of 1000 pop can tops. Hayleah makes bracelets with them. We celebrated Hayeah's Birthday a few days early as she will be flying to her dad's for Christmas. Her birthday is December 24Th.

Our sweet Hayleah, (with an attitude) turns 14 this year.

For her Birthday Papa Joe paid for her ticket to the zoo,
as well as an extra $50,
so she could play with, "Sita", a Bengal Tiger cub.
At the Gulf Shores Zoo, at certain times of the year, for $50 plus zoo entrance you can have a personal experience with a baby wild animal.
We are looking in a window as Hayleah get 3o minutes with Sita.

She can not pick her up,

but play as much as she wants.

The zoo is enlarging and moving to a different location in Gulf Shores sometime this year.

Hayleah had a great time.

A reflection of Joe as we watch them play.
After a while Sita climbed into Hayleah's lap and took a siesta for 5 minutes.
These reflection pictures are interesting. It looks as if Hayleah is laying on a deck, but it is the deck we are standing on and watching through a window at her and Sita.

Sita had a scratch on her nose from a transfer in a crate going home at night with an employee.
After Hayleah's 30 minutes with Sita, we saw the rest of the zoo. A cute little lama.
The zoo cost $10 for Hayleah and Alisha, $8 for Joe, Mom and me because we are seniors. There are alligators, monkeys and more. It has a feed section for the goat, ducks, sheep, and deer which is always fun, even for the big kid's at heart.
At home I enjoy my favorite Maggie May who is going on 10.

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